The best part of enjoying any game, especially Arena of Valor, is showing off its multiplayer status online. This adds even higher value if a game is played between lifelong acquaintances. But what if you want to eliminate friends in Arena of Valor? A very controversial fact and quite exploited today.

On certain occasions, it is better to get rid of those friends on the internet or in the gamer community that are counterproductive. A good performance in any game, not only this one, depends on an environment conducive to it. For this reason, eliminating contact with these people can be beneficial.

How to Eliminate Friends in Arena of Valor – Complete Guide

Learn to play with friends! From these devices you can use Arena of Valor

If you still have no idea about it, Arena of Valor is a finely released product for mobile devices. Indeed, both the Android and IOS versions are guarantors of trying the honeys of this popular game. Even for Nintendo Switch lovers, it is possible to purchase a version intended for this game console immediately. In short, using any of these devices adapted to the field, you can play.

Sure, you probably have the question of whether it is possible to play on the computer. The truth is that yes, but for this you must download BlueStack, Android emulator. Then the procedure is as if you were searching within the Play Store as you always do.

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Also, if you’ve always been loyal to Apple and its products, you can also use BlueStack on MacBook to download whatever you want. This obviously encompasses the Arena of Valor game to start playing with all your friends.

Knowing exactly where and how to use Arena of Valor, it is a matter of time before you take advantage of your Internet connection . Invite your friends to play if you haven’t had a chance to do so yet and continue.

But what if at some point you want to eliminate friends in Arena of Valor? Is it really possible? It is, don’t worry. Friendships in AOV are simple to add and for this reason, easy to remove.

In order to remove them, first, you must know how to add friends in AOV

Before you even understand the process for eliminating friends in Arena of Valor, you need to dig deeper into its platform. What does this mean? If you still do not know how to add friendships, much less will you know how to delete them later.

It is not a difficult science, you just have to open the game from the device you use and wait for it to load. Obviously, you will enter the main page from where the rest of the menus are unlinked.

Just at the top right, locate the “Add Friends” symbol and click on it. A new range of options will open, where you can choose to link your Facebook account in the first place.

Regarding the process, select “Find friends” and in the search bar insert the username of the person. Press “OK” after correctly typing the pseudonym and when your friend appears, click “Add”.

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Done, Now How is it possible to eliminate friends in Arena of Valor?

This procedure is even less complicated than the previous one and only requires a few clicks of patience. While in the “Add friends” section, choose the “Friends” option to view all those you previously added.

The next step to remove friends in Arena of Valor is to locate the person you want to delete forever from your list. When you’re done, click on the garbage-looking icon or symbol to finish the procedure.

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