The Xbox One is one of the greatest successes in the history of Microsoft, since this console has wonderful functions (such as the one that lets you download and install Kodi), however since it is not so popular, not everyone has learned to use it. its tools, and that is why today we will see how to clear the browsing history on my Xbox One.

Knowing how to erase history on any device you have is vitally important because you never know when there will be a malicious hacker trying to steal your information to harm you. Due to the seriousness of this situation, this guide is imperative.

It should be noted before starting, that every word in this guide, this output from the official Xbox (and Sony) page, so there is nothing uncertain here, these are the original steps to follow to meet your goal.

How do I view and clear my browsing history on my Xbox One?

To get straight to the point from the beginning, the first thing to do to be able to see and delete the browsing history on my Xbox One, is obviously go to your Edge browser within the console, since this is the one that saves the history full navigation.

When you have it open (you access it through the main menu), you have to press the “Hub” button , which is in the upper right corner of the screen. After touching this button, a menu with various options will be displayed.

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Within all these options should be the “History”, press it . Then, everything you have seen with that profile will appear in a list (as on PC).

You will notice that in turn, within the history section there is a blue button called “Delete history”, this is located in the upper right corner of the screen, that is the one you must press to delete your history.

Once you press it, a sub menu will appear, in this you can check the boxes of the things to delete, which would be: data, cookies, website permissions, licenses, saved keys, among other things.

As you have already marked all the boxes you want, press the “Delete” button, and voila, with that your history will automatically be completely deleted (it will take more or less depending on how heavy it is).

It should be noted that each profile is individual, and the browsing data of each one is saved separately , so to delete the history in all of them you must go one by one.

How to delete history on PS4?

With the above, you have already learned how to view and delete the browsing history on my Xbox One, so you are free to go and apply the indicated steps, however if you are also a user of Sony consoles, then as a little extra you can will show how to delete browsing history and cookies on the PlayStation 4.

The first thing you have to do to achieve this is to go to your browser, then you must press the “Options” button that your PS4 control has incorporated, this action will bring up a menu with more options, press the one that says “History of navigation”.

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This will open your history, in which you can navigate calmly with the control levers, and also enter each section of the pages that you have seen by simply pressing the X button above them.

To delete the history, press “Options” again , this will quickly make a single option called “Delete history” appear, press it and that’s it, automatically all saved browsing data will be lost.

With that last thing that was read, you can already say that you know how to erase the browsing history on my Xbox One, and in turn you learned to do the same work on the PS4, so your time here has expired.

However, before you go, you are recommended to walk through other guides on the Xbox One, because thanks to how Xbox Game Pass Ultimate works, this console is better than ever (and its predecessor will be even better).

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