Functions in Excel are a set of tools that users can use to facilitate their tasks or fulfill an order within the spreadsheet.

The number of available functions is really wide, and they are even capable of being included in tasks of various analytical branches that are directly related to calculations. A clear example of this is the “DELTA” formula.

Within this broad repertoire there are two orders called “GRADES” and “FIND”, whose functions can be integrated into various tasks within Excel sheets.

In this way, there may be the possibility that you need to apply some of them throughout the data management within the spreadsheet, so it is beneficial to learn a little more about the abilities of this peculiar program.

‘GRADES’, one of the most used Excel functions within spreadsheets

One of the greatest benefits of Excel is being able to work mathematical operations within it, since it has various functions that seek to help the user at all times.

The “GRADES” formula is widely recognized within the world of Excel, and is sometimes even confused with “RADIANS”, since both have a degree of similarity.

funciones de excel mas utilizadas

At present, the degrees are those that define the level of elevation or depression that a figure has, whose value can be consequently applied in different types of calculable operations .

Due to this, the task of this function is to work like a calculator and transform the value of an angle into radians , so that it is converted into decimals, which can be part of another calculation later.

GRADES formula syntax

This is one of the Excel functions whose syntax is relatively simple, since it will only be enough for the user to type the following “ = DEGREES (Angle) ” in a cell of the spreadsheet.

Previously, it was mentioned that this function was similar to the radian formula, because in addition to having the same syntax (where only the name of the function changes), they fulfill the same task. Therefore, you can replace the formula if you want to use it .

‘SEARCH’, one of the most useful Excel functions to find information within a table

When it comes to locating a certain value, FIND” is the main option for Excel users to work with. It complies in the same way that its verb indicates in the Spanish language, since it is a formula that is responsible for ordering and finding a certain content within the sheet.

funcion hallar de excel encontrar informacion

It serves as an excellent alternative in case the «CONSULT» function does not fulfill the task that the user demands from the program, and it can even be combined with other functions , in order to satisfy the needs of each person.

SEARCH formula syntax

The formula is made up of three elements, which seek to facilitate the search for the Excel system and thus the user can obtain their results with total speed and efficiency.

When you want to apply it, you must write in a cell ” FIND (word or sentence, location, initial number) “, so that after pressing “Enter”, the request appears on the screen automatically.

What must be considered?

SEARCH is one of the Excel functions where various aspects must be taken into account before a requested character is entered into the syntax.

A clear example of this is that said formula does not have the ability to differentiate between uppercase and lowercase letters ; It will throw an error if it does not get the requested value and if an initial number is not defined, it will be automatically interpreted as one.

Similarly, within the wide range of Excel functions, there is also the possibility of designing search or order rules, so that the content is delimited and can facilitate the location of the characters within the sheet.

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