Apparently direct messaging platforms as well as social networks have been reinventing themselves in order to maintain the preference of their users.

Currently, the emergence of new platforms that offer services to both users and companies is becoming evident, and this is the case of Pinterest. And in the following article we want to instruct you so that you learn how to create a Pinterest account for users or companies easily.

How to Create a Pinterest Account for Users or Business Easily

It is that the conception of this platform is very intelligent, with which it is intended to connect the world through the creation of images that users are interested in. Perhaps the design that is displayed, as well as the way it works, are one of the reasons why more and more users are added to the growing list of followers every day.

And if you already want to be part of this list of new users, then this article interests you and we will show you that it is very easy to create an account on Pinterest. Also known as the social network of images, you will not regret being part of this growing community. And learn how to easily create a Pinterest account for users or businesses.

How to easily create a Pinterest account for users or businesses

When we want to be part of a social network where we want to somehow make the sales of our company or business rise like foam. It is important that we set ourselves certain commercial objectives, but in general it has to be aimed at advertising our product with a link to our site, making it known and thus maximizing sales.

cuenta pinterest usuarios

So if we want to open an account you will have to go directly to the following address and from there you will create your account for your company. You will realize that it will be a very simple task to perform, but do not worry that if you have any questions, with this tutorial you will know the steps you have to take so that you do not have any problems.

Steps to create a Pinterest account for users or businesses easily

Once you have entered the page, go to the upper right and click on the option Create an account. Although you can also select the option Join as a company, the next step will be to enter your personal information. Of course, you already know the usual data required to create an account, such as your company data, email, website, etc.

Once the information of your data has been emptied in the registration form you must click on the option Create account . Now we will proceed to verify if the data you have provided is correct and therefore you will receive an email to the account you have registered. When you receive the email you will have to confirm it, this of course as a security measure and to avoid so-called Spam.

Then you will be able to configure your language , as well as your country and in this way the platform will show you some content or recommendations according to the data set out in your registry. Now you will receive what is called your first timeline on Pinterest. But it will be necessary that you have friendly accounts since that is where the content will be shown to you.

Now you will see suggestions on the screen of different content distributed by theme, of which you will select three. And we suggest that you choose those themes that may be closely related to your business or company. Now you will receive the so-called pineos in your inbox and also if you use Google Chrome it will ask you to install the extension.

logo cuenta pinterest

Now you must confirm your identity this is a very important step that many users ignore, so you must click on the option Confirm your email address .

And that’s it, your professional account has been created with I exist and you just have to manage it, and in this way we have reached the end of this tutorial that will teach you how to create a Pinterest account for users or companies easily.

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