The Sony console is one of the queens of this generation, and this is because it has the best features built in (like the one that lets you edit videos with ShareFactory). That is exactly why it is today’s tutorial, so that you learn how to use a function of this console when solving How to change region and country on PS4?

Due to regional blocking restrictions, many users since the beginning of the PS4 wonder how you can change the country you choose when creating the account, so that they are allowed to buy in stores in other countries such as Japan. This was not allowed before, but thanks to a recent update it is now more than possible.

How to change region and country on PS4?

Going directly to the point of your interest so that you learn as soon as possible how to change region and country on the PS4, the first thing you have to take into account is that depending on where you are, the countries to which you can change will be limited, for example , In Spain you can only change region to European Union countries.

If that has been clear to you then it is time to start. To achieve your goal you have to first enter the official PS4 or PS Store from your console, once there (you must have previously logged in to your account) go to the column on the left of the screen, that You do it by pressing the left arrow on the remote.

ps4 blanco fondo negro

When you are in the column, look for the option called “Store Region” and press it . This action will take you to another section where you can change the region and language.

On this other page there are two bars, in the first one you can configure the new country and in the second one that is below the language, both processes are performed the same, you just have to touch a bar and that will display a list of options where you must choose what please you.

To finish you have to click “Confirm” when everything is ready , with that your console will automatically implement the changes (you may have to restart it). If you want to return to your country, you just have to carry out the same process.

How to change region on the Switch?

With the above, you already know how to change region and country on the PS4, so as a little extra to finish with this guide, now you will learn how to make the same change but on the Nintendo Switch (another of the consoles of the moment).

To achieve this, you have to go to the official Nintendo store and there create a new account, in it you have to put your real data, but instead of putting your country of origin, put the one of the store or bazaar you want to use.

Once this account is created, you must go to your console and proceed to create a new user, to which you have to link the account you just created. If all goes well, with this new user you can use the store of the country you have chosen, such as Japan.

mando a un lado de consola ps4

This process is completely legal, as Nintendo uses a region free system unlike other consoles . And voila, with that you know how to change region and country on the PS4, and you also learned how to perform the same process but with the Nintendo.

Now all you have to do is get out of here and apply the changes you saw today. However, before leaving, you are recommended to find more information about your console , so that you can squeeze all the juice, for example, learn how to download games to PS4 from Android. Or in the same way, how to extend the battery life of the Dualshock 4 controller, to complement your gaming experience.

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