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If you want to stand out in your emails, nothing better than adding a signature image from GoDaddy WebMail. A good image will make you stand out from the rest and make your messages more memorable. On the other hand, GoDaddy allows you to configure and automatically reply to your received emails.

You can look for an image that expresses what you want to convey. But if you already have it and just want to add it, you’re in luck. Here you will see the steps you must follow for either of its two versions, let’s get to work!

GoDaddy WebMail Signature Image

To add an image to your GoDaddy signature in its standard format, you must first have one and then add it by following these steps:

First step: Access your GoDaddy WebMail account and then Configuration – Settings

To do this, you must follow the standard procedure and enter the requested data. With this, you will be on the main page. Now you must enter “Settings”, this button can be located at the top, on the right side and with the icon of a gear wheel. When doing so, a list of options will be displayed, you must choose “More Settings” and click on it. The previous step will open a window and in this you must locate the tab “General”

Second step: Enable and enter signature.

Already located in the aforementioned tab, you will find a section called ” Email signature “, in this you must enable the option “Include signatures in responses”.

Workspace GoDaddy

At this point you can place your signature in the box identified with the word “Signature”. You can also use the attached bar to customize the style and format.

Third step: Incorporate image

Now, it’s time to add a signature image from GoDaddy WebMail . To do this, you must place the cursor where you want it to be and click on the “Insert image” option in the bar.

This will open a window that will ask you to indicate the image you want to include. You must click on “Browse” and enter the path where it is found on your PC.

Once located, it is time to select it and press “Open”. Now with your image in your signature, it only remains to save the changes and close the window. Take the opportunity to get the most out of your domain in GoDaddy and if you don’t have one you can buy it without the need for a credit card.

GoDaddy Classic Signature Image

Since in both versions the signature is stored separately, you must add your image separately. In this sense, below, you will find what you should do.

Step One: Configuration

Going to the toolbar, enter the “Settings” menu and then “Personal Settings” in the list that has been displayed.

Second step: Signature

Now you must locate the “Signature” tab and there locate yourself in the box where your current signature is contained. If you don’t have one, this is the time to create it by following the above.

firmas GoDaddy

Keep in mind that depending on the location of the cursor it will be the position in which the image of your signature is located. With this in mind, you must click on the option “Insert image” located with the rest of the formatting tools.

Step Three: Select

At this point you just have to click on “Choose file” and locate the desired image according to its location on your computer. After that, select it and click “Open”.

You just have to confirm by selecting “Insert image” in the resulting dialog box and finally “OK”. When closing do not forget to save the changes.

Final Considerations

It is important that when adding a GoDaddy signature image that it meets certain conditions. It should not be very heavy so it should not exceed 15kB in size. Similarly, its dimension should be less than 160 × 80 so that it fits perfectly.

In this sense, it is recommended that the format be PNG, but any that meets the above conditions is valid. Finally, always keep in mind that when you include an image, any email you send will include it as an attachment.

It is recommended that you change your password from time to time to protect yourself from hackers. If for some reason you forgot your password and want to recover your GoDaddy WebMail password, you can do it easily and in a few minutes.

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