Would you like to be emperor of your own empire? Would you like to see your civilization grow and that your decisions shape history? Rise of kingdoms puts you in charge of 11 civilizations that will allow you to demonstrate the kind of leader that historians love.

This is a fabulous real-time strategy game that tests your decisions as a leader and will affect the future of your civilization; But you will have at least 34 known heroes to help you command your troops to victory. Start with a small kingdom on a huge map and make alliances, conquer kingdoms, and define your strategy that will be as fun as it is fascinating.

How to Download, Install and Play Rise of Kingdoms on PC – Complete Guide in Spanish

How to download Rise of kingdoms for PC

The BlueStacks emulator has become the most reliable option to use Android applications on PC, so we must download it and it will become our virtual environment for such applications. It is very easy to download, install and play Rise of Kingdoms for PC, if you follow these simple steps, get ready your desire to play and just a few clicks away you can enjoy this fun game.

  1. Download the BlueStacks emulator and it is the one that will allow us to enjoy this spectacular game and other Android applications . This would be a good time to check out the game’s features.
  2. In BlueStacks, we select the option “Download Rise of kingdoms lost crusade for PC”. You can see that a BlueStacksinstaller.exe file has been downloaded; you should make sure to download it from the official page to prevent malware from being downloaded.
  3. Execute the BlueStacksinstaller.exe file that you downloaded and Windows will need your permission to fine-tune the settings and when the notification appears, you must click the yes option.
  4. You must choose the location of the file where the emulator will rest. Wherever you choose the location, you must do so by clicking on the “Customize installation” option. You can skip that step by letting the installation use the default settings.

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  5. Once the emulator is downloaded and installed on your PC, it will execute internal processes the first time it works, but then its execution will be faster, and much will depend on the hardware configuration of your machine.
  6. Once in the BlueStacks emulator, the GooglePlay store will appear automatically in which you must place your GooglePlay account data in order to access the list of available applications that you can download from BlueStacks.
  7. After accepting the Google terms of service, you just have to click the button “Rise of kingdoms: Lost Crusade” and choose the option to install. The game download starts and if your internet connection is good, the game will be downloaded in a short time.
  8. Then press the “Open” button and you will begin to enjoy this fun and exciting strategy game, but we depend on the BlueStacks emulator that allows us to interact with applications that were originally designed for Android.

How to play Rise of Kingdoms on PC using BlueStacks

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BlueStacks has made it very simple, once you validate your Google account, you can immediately access Rise of Kingdoms and start enjoying this popular strategy game.

But what if your desktop is a MAC? Don’t worry, there are also very robust and lightweight emulators that will allow you to enjoy Android applications on your Mac.

Once in the game we will see in the right sidebar the game controls and the keys that have been assigned for the game commands and BlueStack will give you additional options and controls that you can use. Have you been able to install the emulator and the Rise of Kingdoms game on your PC ? Tell us about your experience and comment with us if this article has been useful to you.

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