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One of the best web applications, with which you can store all your documents and files, is MEGA. This website also has a mobile version for Android devices, which offers all its users the possibility of hosting and storing files, photos and videos, within its cloud.

How to Download Files Hosted in MEGA From Android – Step by Step

This cloud has a storage capacity of 50 Gb , with which you can store all the files you want and even more. This is a totally free service for all users who wish to access it, it also allows you to download various files directly to your Android and iOS devices. Here is the importance of creating an account within this platform.

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What are the requirements to download files that are hosted within MEGA

To be able to download files that are stored within the mega platform to our mobile terminal, Android is quite simple. To begin, you must have said mobile application on your device and also have an account within it.

Beyond that, all you have to do is find all those files you want to download and proceed with it. Thanks to the functionalities that this system has, it is very easy and simple for us to download these files with a single click .

Likewise, it is known by many that MEGA for Android offers all its users great features and options with which you can make use of its multiple functionalities. Here we will summarize several of its characteristics that are best valued by many users:

  • You have 50 Gb of storage totally free within your cloud, which makes it one of the best storage services out there.
  • You have the possibility to import any file, document, photo or video that is hosted in MEGA directly to our account .
  • You can do a complete and automatic synchronization of all your photos. Question that they are filed in mega automatically.

What is the file manager

The well-known file manager window comprises a main interface which offers you multiple services within the Mega platform. From this platform, we can upload the files we want while it is stored within our virtual disk.

Likewise, within this section, we can create different folders and in this way upload one or more files to a section of the same platform or of our devices.

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Steps to download from MEGA

If what you are looking for is to download various files from your mega cloud to your mobile devices , here we will explain you step by step, how to do it in a simple and threadbare way.

To begin said download we must differentiate if said download belongs to the files that are stored in the cloud or if, on the contrary, they are hosted in different links that have been shared by other people.

If what you have are different links, you must open each of them, from our browser, and then click on them with the “Download” button. This will automatically cause all these files to be downloaded without the need to do more.

If, on the contrary, the files that we want to download are inside the internal cloud storage, the procedure will be different. To begin, you must go to the MEGA mobile application, log in and access our space within the cloud.

Let’s find the files we want to download and select it. When we have done it and using the “menu” button, which you can identify by having three points. You must select the “Download” option .

In this way, the Mega system will automatically add those files that you need to download so that when the entire process in question is finished, these files will be redirected to the download folder without any additional problem. And ready. You will have all your files available at your fingertips.

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