If you want to learn a language during your free time, we recommend that you download a wonderful application called Duolingo with which you can learn languages through completely free software .

If you still do not have this incredible tool, do not worry, in this article we will explain all the steps you must take to download Duolingo on a PC and on devices with Android or iOS operating systems.

How to Download Duolingo for PC, Android and iOS – Learn Languages Free

How to download Duolingo for PC, Android and iOS?

The Duolingo app is available for many platforms and operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows. You can download the application from the Chrome browser store “Chrome web store”, for Apple mobile devices from the “Apple store” and in the “Play Store” for Android devices.

How to download Duolingo on a computer?

To download Duolingo on a computer, you will have to enter the Chrome browser and press the applications button found in the left corner of the menu on the top bar.

Then you will have to select the “Chrome web store” icon, which is similar to a white shopping ball with the Chrome icon.

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After double-clicking on the store icon, the main page will open and there you can type the name of the application “Duolingo” in the search engine. Then you will see several options, but you must select and add the one with the name “Duolingo Notes” .

Once the application has been downloaded, you will be able to see the icon in the corner of the bar where the search space of the Chrome browser is located. To log in and start using this tool you will have to press its icon and click on “User Guie Duolingo” and that’s it.

Another way to obtain Duolingo is by downloading this application from web pages such as Free-Free.net or the Microsoft store page “Microsoft Store”.

As soon as the download is complete, you will only have to accept terms and conditions so that you can begin the installation procedure.

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It has been verified that a large group of people have had some difficulties in the procedure of downloading the application, but do not worry because you can use Duolingo by entering its official page.

How to download Duolingo on Android?

If your mobile is Android, you will be able to download the app without any problem, since the Duolingo software is available on “Google Play” , the application store used by all devices that run on the Android operating system.

When you are inside the store you will have to search for Duolingo and press the download button , it is a simple procedure and if you have a good internet connection in a few seconds you will be able to start using this application.

If you don’t have a Duolingo account, don’t worry, you can create a profile very quickly. You just have to enter some personal information such as your age, your name, an email and a password. You can also log in with your Facebook account or with your Google account.

If you do not have a mobile phone within reach, you can search the “Google Play” application store on your computer’s browser to find the Duolingo application.

After searching and selecting the application, you can download it to your device by pressing the “Install” button. You can choose one of the devices that are linked to your email.

How to download Duolingo on iOS?

To download Duolingo on an iPhone or iPad you will have to enter the Apple store “Apple Store” and type in the search engine the name of the application.

Then you will have to press the download button and enter your fingerprint or your iCloud username and password to approve the download and installation process.

Duolingo Kids

Duolingo Kids is a version of the main application that was designed for children between the ages of 5 and 8, this app is available for devices that run on the iOS operating system.

With Duolingo Kids, infants will be able to learn languages such as Spanish, English and French by overcoming levels, solving challenges and fun activities.

Knowing the grammar of different languages is good, since you could become a more interesting person and you can get more job opportunities.

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