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WhatsApp is a messaging application that has been on the market for more than seven years and today it has become the App of first choice when making a call or writing a text message.

The WhatsApp messaging platform allows the user to establish an account and through this have a profile (you can establish an image and a short description). Know immediately the date and time when your contacts use the application or the last time they were “online”, however it is also possible to hide the “online” or writing.

How to Download and Install WhatsApp for PC Windows and Mac

WhatsApp Messenger differs from other means of communication, since it allows to establish communication with users from all over the world for free and regardless of their phone number. You only need to add the telephone location code and the person can make and take a video call, WhatsApp call from the cell phone, tablet or simply write a text message.

How to download and install WhatsApp for Windows PC and Mac?

Due to the popularity of WhatsApp, most users want to use this application daily . Previously only available for Android devices, currently only requires a mobile phone.

In the event that you do not have a smartphone , there is a way to acquire the messaging service on a computer or common computer, through the following process:

Steps to download and install WhatsApp for PC Windows and Mac

  • From your browser tab, go to the official WhatsApp page.

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  • On this page you can also get a brief explanation of how the messaging application works on your computer.
  • Then, you must click on the Download button (it is located at the top of the page)
  • The download options appear immediately. Either for mobile devices or for the computer.
  • In this case, you must choose the option to Download WhatsApp for Mac or Windows .
  • Once there, the possible download options appear, depending on the computer’s operating system.
  • This option is very important, since there is a version of WhatsApp for Mac or Windows computer software and there are even two versions of Windows according to the update that the computer has.
  • If you have Windows you must choose between the 32 or 64 Bit version .
    For both Mac and Windows the download and installation process is the same. Its only difference is that in the case of Windows you must choose the version.
  • Once the correct version has been downloaded, you will find a setup file in the place you have chosen to save the download (you can know it, since it has the WhatsApp logo).
  • Click on it, and select “run as administrator” .
  • At the end of the installation, enter the application and you will see that the option to synchronize your account through the QR code appears.
  • Press on WhatsApp from your phone> tap on menu> Settings option> select WhatsApp web. When activating the camera on your cell phone, point at the computer screen to scan the code .
  • In this way, you can now easily enjoy the WhatsApp application from your computer.

Why download WhatsApp Messenger on your computer?

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Having the messaging service available not only on your Smartphone (smartphone), but also on your computer makes your life easier from different perspectives.

To access all the tools of the application it is necessary to have access to a data plan or a Wi-Fi network, if for some reason these options do not exist at the moment you can simply log in to your computer and communicate through the application . This being an advantage for people who have a smarphone.

Navigation on the computer is almost always faster than on a cell phone, and the resolution of the images arranged in the “profile photo” or in the “WhatsApp status” will be of a better quality.

If you are good at typing on the computer keyboard, communication will be much more fluid and fast. There are endless reasons in which applying the WhatsApp service from your computer can be very helpful, we invite you to try this new alternative.

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