If you want to get the most out of your cell phone, here we show you how to download and install the Google Pixel 4 camera on your Android mobile. Before we will inform you everything you need to know, such as the requirements and its compatibility with your equipment before installing it.

It is incredible the innumerable photographic resources that we can get on the internet to edit photos and that they are at our fingertips. There has been talk about the photographic wonders that the Google Smartphone does. The Pixel 4 XL, but with the new technologies in the applications, it is no longer exclusive to Google. Even if you have a Samsung galaxy s10 you can turn it into this Google Smartphone.

Brief information about the Pixel 4

Programmers and expert developers have taken pains so that a large part of the users can access this technology and enjoy its benefits on their own computers. The app is called GCam (Google Camera) Pixel 4 . In order for you to install it, you first need to know certain requirements that are essential, so that this application can work optimally on your mobile.

Your computer must have a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor . Because the processor is the one in charge of working the photographs. And those of this class correctly implement the GCam Pixel 4 application. The other processors do not easily share their algorithms, so they are not suitable for installation.

How to know the level of compatibility?

Currently we have excellent resources to know if our device is compatible before venturing to install it. The app is called Camera2 API Probe . You can access the Google Play Store and download this tool available for free. This simple application allows you to check, through a test, to what extent the GCam application can take advantage of the cameras that your mobile device has incorporated.

compatibilidad de la camara

When it throws you a table of results, focus on the “Hardware Support Level” section . If “Level_3” appears in green, it is because your equipment is fully functional. If it is green “Full”, it is not fully supported. It indicates that you will be able to install the app, but certain problems will appear. If “Limited” or “Legacy” is reflected, the mobile is not eligible.

Install the Gcam on your Android mobile

Installing it is not that easy. First, you can’t get the application in the Play Store, unless you have a Google Pixel Smartphone . For this series of cell phones they facilitate obtaining the software. Before installing, you must find the program on the internet that suits you. For example, if you have a Xiaomi Redmi, you should find and install the one that fits that brand and model. But do not worry! We get an application that makes the task easier for us.

• Search for GCamator. Available on the Google Play Store. It suggests the application that best suits your mobile, and indicates the download link.
• After installing it, it immediately displays information from your camera.
• Swipe your finger on the screen to the left and the app starts checking. Then it gives you a general report of your equipment and indicates the button to install it.
• The application will ask you for the corresponding permissions . And ready. you already have your Google Pixel 4 camera on your mobile.

aplicacion gcam movil

Now, what happens if the link to install it does not appear in GCamator. Relax, as always we look for ways for you to enjoy this innovation. There is a website called XDA, you will see a long list of brands with their corresponding models. Look for the model of your device and attached the correct app is shown.

Although the process may seem a bit long, if you have a Snapdragon processor , it is worth using this technology. You will really see the difference with the excellent resources available to optimize the capture.

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