The Windows operating system is one of the best in the world. This is because it offers an almost infinite number of tools to its users . Just for one of those tools is today’s tutorial, so you can learn How to download and install Your Phone Companion?

And, if you are looking for an app that connects your computer and mobile, then you have come to the right place, because learning how to download and install this application will open the window to a new world where phone and PC are the same.

How to Download and Install Free Phone Companion – Your Phone Companion

How to download and install Your Phone Companion?

Now, to get straight to the point, you should know that to download and install Your Phone Companion for free, you don’t have to do any tricks or download any hack. Since this application you can get it for free in the same PlayStore.

To find it, you just have to search for it by name and then enter its section, within the same open a button called “Download”, which you must press to start the download and the app installs automatically.

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In the event that for some reason, the app does not appear on your mobile, you can search for it as an APK in Google, you just have to put its name followed by APK. But remember that although this is not illegal, if your Store did not have the default app, it is because it does not support it , so downloading the APK may not solve anything.

In addition to that, if you want to download the APK you have to pay attention to which page you will do it , since there are many pirated applications on the web that have the objective of damaging your mobile (that is why it is good that you learn to check if an APK application is safe to install).

How does your partner app work?

Since you already know how to download and install your Phone Companion, it is time for you to learn how this great application works that allows you to connect your computer and mobile completely.

To achieve this, you must first make sure to update Windows 10 to its latest available version , since it is from the 2018 update that mobile synchronization was allowed.

Once you have done this, it is time to go to the app “Your Phone” which should be inside the PC, if you want to find it you just have to put its name in the Windows search engine.

When you have it displayed, select it, and then you will be sent to a section where you will have to click the “Introduction” button that will appear right there. After having read this intro you must click on “Login”.

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That will let you enter your Microsoft account and your password. With everything ready, you just have to click “Send” and then press the option “Link my phone”, this action will allow you to write your number so that an SMS will then be sent to you with the link of the mobile application.

So now you must go to your mobile and click on that link which will redirect you to the Store , there follow the steps above and install the app. When you already have the application, you will only have to click on it “Sign in with Microsoft” and place the linked email data, and voila now everything will be synchronized automatically.

Store reviews about the app

With that last thing you read, you already know how to download and install Your Phone Companion, so as a little extra for you to evaluate if you want to download the app or not, you will be told a little about the reviews of the Store.

This app has 4 stars and although that is very good , the latest reviews are not so favorable , since most users complain about not allowing them to synchronize or directly their PC does not recognize their phones.

However, it is known that there are millions of users who use this system so being guided by a few would not be correct , that is why you are invited to download the application and try it yourself, if you do not like it, you can always use another option to connect Android mobile phone to PC.

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