Descargar e instalar Facebook parejas

The world of technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and that is why new platforms continue to be created that help users to stay connected. In this case, Facebook Dating is intended to create appointments through Facebook where you can even make video calls.

How to Download and Install Facebook Couples – Activate Facebook Dating

This application continues to promote the union of couples through social networks, since there are several people who claim to have met through Mark Zuckerberg’s own social network. For this reason this new modality was created and that is that you only need to create an account to be able to access it.

It should be noted that this option is not separate from Facebook, you can even enter Dating through the normal application . If you want to access it, you just have to follow a series of steps and in this way you can create your account and start browsing to find your appointment.

Discover how to download and activate Facebook Couples

Como descargar y activar Facebook Parejas

Initially, in order to create an account on Facebook couples, you must enter Facebook regularly from your computer or mobile device. If you do not have an account, you can download the Facebook application from the Play Store and later create that account.

Once you are inside the application you can enter the drop-down menu, this can be located in the upper right part and you can identify it by means of the three lines.

You just have to select it and click, which will show you a variety of options, so you should go to the option “Couples” . If you cannot see this option, it is possible that you have an old Facebook version and therefore you have to update it.

In turn, if you update it and you still don’t see this option, it is possible that it is not yet available in the country where you reside. In this case, the user has to wait for Facebook to continue expanding its technology until it can be activated in your area.

Then you will notice a welcome to this new tool as well as a short description of it. So the application gives you eventual information on how to get partners who share the same interests, how to find a partner in groups and several other options.

You also have the opportunity to decide with whom you want to start a conversation , you just have to click on the “start” option. Then Facebook will show you an ad in which you will find that this new profile will not be shared with your current friends from the normal Facebook application.

Getting Facebook Dating is very simple

Pagina Web Facebook Dating

At the same time, it is the user himself who has the possibility to choose his privacy and in this way he will be able to select the people he wants to view his new profile. You can also block the people you want and you can ask Facebook to give you suggestions from friends of their friends.

Later you can click on «Next» , in this new section you can specify the genre to which you belong. Then you can specify the genre of your interest, so you have the opportunity to select between the different options that are available.

Then you will be able to indicate «your partner location», it should be mentioned that it is not useful to provide your location in real time. You will only have to provide your location in that new profile so that you can see the people close to you. It should also be noted that if at any time you want to modify the location, you can do so by accessing “Preferences” .

It should be mentioned that having completed the location of couples, you must upload a profile photo, after that step you can click on the “Confirm” option. From that moment on, your couples Facebook account will be created and active.

Once you’ve created the account, the app will start showing you people you probably know. You can also view the “interested people” tab in which you can see the people who have indicated that you are interested. We give you some tips to flirt on Facebook Couples

Finally, it should be mentioned that the social network Facebook increasingly expands its tools. It is in this way that it constantly launches new alternatives that benefit its users. It also has a very intuitive interface.

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