If you have been looking for a reliable app to fix or correct photos for a long time then you have reached the indicated post, since later we will show you how to erase people and objects from a photo with TouchRetouch on Android or iPhone quickly and easily. Let’s do it!

Download TouchRetouch on Android or iPhone

To get this app you simply have to download the latest version from the Google Play Store or the App Store, since TouchRetouch is available for both platforms.

However, you cannot get it for free because it costs almost 3 euros. That is to say that to download it either on your Android or iPhone you must configure a payment method as mandatory.

How to delete people and objects from a photo with TouchRetouch on Android or iPhone

Fortunately, the TouchRetouch application offers us various options to delete people and objects from a photo from our Android mobile or iPhone. In this sense, here we will show you what each of these functions are for and how you can use them efficiently.

Elimination of objects or people

With this first option of the TouchRetouch app it will be possible to remove all the strange people that appear in our photos accidentally, we can also remove objects that out of square the photo from the image without problems.

editar personas touch retouch aplicacion

  • Selecting this option from the main menu will bring up a brush, lasso, and an option to erase.
  • So the first thing you should do is select the brush to mark the object or person you want to erase. It should be noted that the selected area will appear light green in the original photo.
  • On the other hand, you can adjust the thickness of the brush, which makes it even easier for you to select the object or person that you do not want to appear in the photo.
  • Then, when you have everything selected then proceed to press the option that says ‘Go’, which is in the lower right part of the screen. Now, you just have to wait a few seconds to see the result of the new image you edited.

Quick repair

Thanks to this second option we have the possibility to remove artifacts or details of the image that we do not like, and in this way it will be possible to perfect the original image to the maximum.

For example, you can remove water droplets from a photo you’ve taken, which requires very few steps and we’ll explain how to do it later.

Then, you have to select the brush to select the water drops in this case and you will see that the defect will disappear immediately. In other words, the procedure is much faster and easier than the previous one.

Elimination of lines

With this interesting tool we can eliminate certain lines that appear in the photo and that take away a bit of appeal, such as a photo of a landscape where electricity cables appear.

To do this, you simply have to select the area where the lines you want to erase are located and that’s it, that is, you will not have to shade the area with the brush or anything.

borrar objetos foto android

In addition, this application allows us to use a small magnifying glass that is positioned on the screen so that we can select those details that we want to erase from the photo .

Stamp to clone an object

Finally, we will tell you about this great tool that the TouchRetouch application offers us on Android or iPhone . Thanks to this function, it is possible to duplicate an object from the original image or from a specific area of it.

  • Simply to clone an object with this function you must mark with the brush the portion of the photo that you want to duplicate.
  • Then select what type of meaning you want to give the cloned object, for example mirror type, which is the most used.
  • To finish, you simply have to go to the upper right part of the mobile screen and select the icon that has an up arrow. In this way you can enter the menu where you simply have to select the option that says ‘Save as a copy’ or ‘Modify the original photo’.
  • We also remind you that in the ‘Settings’ option you can choose the format in which the image will be saved, the resolution and its dimensions.
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