To eliminate a blank sheet in Word you don’t have to be a computer expert, but you do need to know the internal controls of the program. That is, although it may seem like a simple procedure, sometimes you may come across something that prevents you from deleting the extra page.

If you have encountered this eventuality, you can use the content of this article to successfully delete a blank sheet.

What is the cause of the blank pages in the document?

The blank sheet in Word usually occurs when you miss a space while writing the text. These extra squares that you get with the keyboard tend to accumulate and are imperceptible to the eye, because the program hides them.

In this sense, you can have so many of these in the document that you can generate an extra blank page within the file. And depending on the amount of other spaces you have made, the number of sheets can vary substantially.

The easiest process to delete a blank sheet in Word

Of course, there is a really simple way to eliminate these white spaces , even if you cannot perceive them by actions of this amazing text program. You just have to go to the last part of the extra page.

To be more precise, the idea is that you use the keyboard arrows so that you do not accidentally generate other white spaces with the mouse. In this sense, you must go down with these keys until the text marker cannot do it anymore.

documento de microsoft word

This means that you have reached the last imperceptible element that the text has. Now, you just have to press the “Delete” button represented on the keyboard with a long arrow pointing to the left, located above the “Enter” key.

You will press until you eliminate each and every one of the blank spaces, which you will notice when you reach the tail of the text. After this, you will be able to see how the blank sheet in Word completely disappeared , leaving only those that have written or elements on them.

Can’t delete an extra page in Word?

You may not have been able to remove the extra blank sheet within your document by performing the above method . This is because the imperceptible elements within the file have not been completely removed.

Although, there is a way to view them, thanks to a command that the program has called “Show all” or “Compatibility mode”. With it, you will be able to see all those imperceptible elements that make your blank sheet in Microsoft Word not disappear.

It can be activated from the “Start” tab located at the top of the application, next to the justification options. It is represented by a peculiar letter similar to a reverse P.

But, you can activate it more directly with the keyboard , using this useful shortcut for Word: “CTRL + SHIFT LEFT + 8”. By pressing these keys, you will see how the text fills with symbols, but fear not, they are elements that were already there but that you could not see.

pagina en blanco de word

Now, you just have to focus on finding those that are outside the text , and that are in the blank sheets that are others. It only remains to remove each of the symbols within the extra pages, which you can easily achieve by using “SHIFT DER” and the arrows to shade everything. Then use the “Delete” or “Delete” key to delete them.

In which versions of Word can I apply this method?

These methods of suppressing a blank sheet in Word can be applied in different versions of Office. That is, it does not matter if you have the 2013 or 2016 suite, you can perform each of these procedures, since most of them are applied through the keyboard.

In addition, the utility that allows “Show all” in Word was included a long time ago, so you will not have to worry about whether you can apply it.

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