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Sometimes you want to give yourself time to stop using your Instagram, but you don’t know how to deactivate an Instagram account temporarily . If you feel identified with this, do not worry, today we will show you how you can deactivate your account with a few simple steps.

How to DEACTIVATE an INSTAGRAM Account Temporarily

The first thing you should be clear about is that it is not the same to temporarily deactivate an account to delete it or delete an Instagram account forever. In the first case, your account will be hidden , that is, people will not be able to see absolutely anything of what you have done with it.

However, when you activate your account again, all your information will be visible again, for all those who follow you, without any problem. But, when you delete your Instagram account, all the data that it contained disappears and it does not matter if you have another one they will not appear again.

Now, knowing these differences, today we will focus on explaining the steps so that you can temporarily deactivate an Instagram account . But before that, it is important that you consider the aspects that we will mention below.

Aspects to consider before deactivating your Instagram account

If you have already made the decision to temporarily deactivate your Instagram account , it is important that you take into account the aspects that we will mention before doing so. In this way, it is good that you consider the following:

  1. You must first have access to a computer or enter your mobile browser to deactivate your account . This is because you cannot deactivate it from the application, as it does not have that option.
  2. When you deactivate the account, as we indicated above, all your data is hidden, but it is not only your personal data. This includes the comments, the “likes” you have made and your photos.
  3. If you want to have all the information of your account before deactivating it, you can download your data, either from the application or from a browser. To do this, follow the following steps, if you do it from the application:
    • Enter your Instagram as usual and enter your profile.
    • Then, at the top, click on the three stripes that are on the right side and when the menu is displayed, press “Settings”.
    • Once inside, click on “Security” and then “Download data.”
    • Then enter your email and click “Request downloads.”
    • If you can’t download your data, you can easily save and download Instagram photos, stories, and videos.

In case of doing it from a computer, the procedure is as follows:

  • Enter your Instagram from the web browser and enter your profile.
  • Once inside, mark “Edit profile”.
  • Then click on ” Privacy & security”.
  • Then click on “Request download” and enter your email address.

In both cases you will receive an email with a link in which you will find all the information of your account. This would be important if you do not know how long you are going to deactivate it.

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Steps to deactivate your Instagram account temporarily

Once you know the aspects to consider before deactivating your Instagram account, follow these steps to temporarily deactivate it :

  • Enter your Instagram account from a computer or from your mobile browser.
  • Enter your profile and select “Edit profile.”
  • Upon entering, at the bottom right you must click “Deactivate my account temporarily”.
  • You will get a question that says “Why do you want to deactivate your account?” They will give you several options to answer and you only have to choose one of them.
  • Later you must enter your Instagram password.
  • Then you will click the button that says “Temporarily disable the account.”
  • A window will appear that tells you that you are about to temporarily disable your account and you must check “Yes” and that’s it.

Following these steps, your account is now temporarily deactivated and as you may have noticed it is very quick and easy to do. The important thing is that you follow these instructions to the letter and if at any time you want to activate it again, just enter Instagram as usual and that’s it.

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So if you already know how to deactivate an Instagram account temporarily, leave us a comment and keep reading our articles. You might also be interested in reading: How to see a large Instagram profile photo – very easy.

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