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Without a doubt, Facebook is the most famous digital platform in the world. Therefore, having a good cover letter on Facebook is vital for others to take us into account; It is there where the photos, both profile and biography, become more important. Therefore, if we want to crop the photos on Facebook to edit them, here you can learn how to do it.

And is that this social network, not only allows us to connect with family and friends throughout the planet; it also allows us to promote ideas and projects, both personal and commercial, in a much more practical and less complicated way.

Today, the social network has more than ten billion users worldwide; It all starts from when we created our Facebook profile for the first time, we could imagine that they would think of us and how they will see us from now on. It is there where a picture is worth a thousand words.

The distractors in the photos

Our profile and cover photo is the first image that other users perceive of us, so we must select the one in which we best project ourselves. However, a good photograph is not enough to make a good impression.

Many times we want to be the sensation of a moment that we have lived, but then something appears that steals our prominence, it could be a shadow, a cat or another person. Could it be that we did not know that this distractor was there? Maybe yes, but that photograph seemed very good to us and we wanted everyone to see it.

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Whatever the case, we are not intended to present distractors that steal our limelight in our own photographs; so what can we do?

A good option is to cut the photograph , in this way, we could totally or partially eliminate that distraction. On Facebook, this action is allowed from the moment we decide to mount a photograph in our biography. How can we do it?

How to crop photos on Facebook

Cropping a photograph on Facebook is really very easy, in fact it is one of the qualities that this social network possesses. To achieve this goal, we just need to follow the following steps .

Steps to cut biography photos

The first thing we must do is enter our Facebook account and select the photograph that we want to cut. After doing this, we will click on the option to cut this photograph, we have this option in the columns at the bottom of the image.

Once we have done this, a kind of shadow will be displayed on our image, we will adjust it to the angle of the photograph that you want to remain intact . After making the necessary adjustments, we will finish cutting, thus, we can eliminate any distraction from our photographs.

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Steps to crop Facebook profile photos

We can also cut our profile photo to fit Facebook parameters, in this case, the editor is automatically activated when we decide to change our profile photo.

First, we must select the photograph that we want to appear on our profile. Once this is done, a shadow will appear on our photo. Now, this shading is not precise , so we will have to adapt it to the desired part.

For this we will only have to use our mouse and drag the box to the area that we like in the photograph. After doing this, we will click on finish and voila, our profile photo will be perfect for our Facebook account.

Did you see how easy it is? Now if you can place the best photos on your Facebook profile obtaining the desired angle. Remember that if you liked this information, share it with your friends! Also, leave us your opinion in the comment box.

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