Photoshop is the most recognized and used program for editing photos and images, this program can be downloaded to any tablet, PC or mobile device. Perfect for retouching and mounting your photos anywhere and in a professional way, edit your selfie and upload the best image to your networks.

You already know how to use Photoshop to edit your photos online and now you want an effect to make them look really great, here we will show you how to create an effect that simulates how a photo looks after breaking it into pieces.

This effect is known as strips of paper, it is an avant-garde style that is becoming increasingly popular, it is super easy to use even if you do not master the main Photoshop tools, learn how to do it with us. Just follow the steps below and see how it turns into one of your favorite Photoshop graphic effects.

  1. Create a new document in Photoshop, then select the image you want to apply the effect to by dragging it onto the new document
  2. Choose non-destructive editing, this option will leave a copy of your original photo or image that you can use for other graphic effects.
  3. Add the percentage you want to use for the width of the strip and the image will be divided into sections.
  4. With the “alt” key and keeping the cursor between the rectangles, we will create a new layer by pressing the “alt” + “delete” key.
  5. You will place the guidelines by dragging the edges creating a rectangle, then you will create a clipping mask. This will serve you for other graphic effects.
  6. Click on the image on the left side select the smart object option, in the toolbar the view option click “new guide”.

crear una mascara de recorte para efecto tiras de papel en photoshop

And that’s how the paper strips are created, you can use them in any image that you like the most and vary a lot with other effects of light, shadow and color. These steps are very important to perform the effect of paper strips in a professional way, now using the tools you can change the position of the strips, the inclination and place more effects on them.

The graphic effects that the Photoshop program brings are almost unlimited and as easy to use as converting a photo to black and white, when you use the tools you will no longer want to keep any original photos.

Another textured paper effect, which you can apply using Photoshop

We will give you another alternative to make graphic effects with paper texture, you can easily apply it to all your images, making that photo that you like so much stand out.

  1. Repeat it (step 1) to create a new document.
  2. Then you will create a new layer with the commands “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “N”
  3. Now we will color our layer by selecting the paint pot and the tone that you prefer.
  4. In the toolbar look for filters, press the option “filter gallery” and select “texture” and copy this layer with the keys “Ctrl” + “Shift”
  5. To this new layer you will apply a filter that you will select in “filters-others-displacement” in the toolbar.

With these steps we teach you to create the graphic effect of textured paper , save it as a new document that will allow you to use it in different projects without having to cut your image. Now you have another graphic effect to easily apply to all your images , you will be able to highlight that photo that you like so much and carry out any editing project you need.

efecto de papel texturizado con photoshop

With this graphic effect you get a worn and somewhat neglected style evoking the 70s, giving the retro feeling that is so fashionable in design. If you want more information on how to make graphic effects in Photoshop, do not stop reading our articles and if you liked this before leaving, leave us your comment.

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