Just as it is possible to create dynamic tables in Excel, the tool also allows making tables to represent certain values which can be very useful in various areas. For this reason, we invite you to read this article with which you will learn how to create or make a table of symbols in Excel – fast and easy

What is a symbol table in Excel?

A symbol table in Excel is a particular space on a sheet where we can insert symbols in cells (made up of rows and columns) and characters that are not on keyboards.

It is important to note that more than one type of symbol can be entered in the same cell and also, it is possible to modify the font according to the preferences and requirements stipulated by the user.

What is a symbol table for in Excel?

A symbol table in Excel is used to make representations in various areas such as accounting , mathematical logic, physics, computer science and other areas that require the use of symbols or special characters.

Likewise, it is possible to use symbols to represent numbers and in this way an equivalence could be made through a comparative table.

How to make a symbol table in Excel

If you need to create or make a table of symbols in Excel quickly and easily, it is necessary to follow a procedure which involves a series of steps that we explain below.

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Identify the space you will use to locate the table

First, it is essential to identify the space that you will use to establish the table. For this, you must take into account certain aspects such as the number of cells you will need, the insertion of graphics (optional) or the use of particular data that you will include in the table.

Insert a symbol from Excel

To insert a symbol from Excel, you must click on one of the cells where you want to insert the symbol and then locate the “Insert” tab at the top of Microsoft Excel. Then, press the “Symbol” button and a dialog window will appear containing a series of symbols divided by source and subsets.

What is the “Source”?

The label “Font” that you will find in the upper part of the symbols window contains a particular list with the font that you can use to display the symbol. Each font has different symbols, and for this reason, you must visualize them before inserting them into the cell.

What is the “subset”?

The “Symbols” dialog contains a label called “Subset.” This is a list that integrates all the symbols available in Excel which range from basic Latin to Arabic presentation formats. Choose the subset of your preference and review the list before pressing the “Insert” button.

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Take advantage of recently used symbols

Every time you insert a new symbol into the table you are making, it will be stored at the bottom of the “Symbol” dialog box. So when you need to re-insert a symbol that you previously used, you can locate it quickly and without complications. Even Excel will also allow you to insert emojis in formulas if you require it.

Do you need to create a table with ASCII and Unicode characters?

In the field of computing, there are two character tables that contain equivalences: ASCII and Unicode. These tables are a standard that can represent more than a million characters.

At the bottom of the “Symbol” window you will see two labels: “Character code” and “from”. These indicate the character that is used and what it represents. Select “Unicode (hex)” to make a table of Unicode characters and ASCII (decimal) or ASCII (hex) for a table of ASCII characters.

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