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Among the computer programs developed by Microsoft Office we have Excel, also known as a spreadsheet; These were formed in order to automate the work with numbers and to be able to analyze them in a better way. To leave paper behind and create a custom table style with Excel, charts, formulas, and more. Now, in Excel we can also insert a hyperlink, which are elements that form an electronic link; for example a link.

How to Create or Insert a Hyperlink in Excel – Quick and Easy

Microsoft published the first version of Excel for Mac in 1985, and the first version for Windows in November 1987. Therefore, Excel gives you the option of working with numbers and performing basic, complex calculations and even statistical functions. But know a little more about this valuable tool and how to insert a hyperlink in Excel and what functions this program offers.

Features and functions of the Excel computer program

Usually we will find that this spreadsheet is mentioned in various ways, as well as it is referred to by its version, since since its inception there have been several. But the most important thing is that its initial screen generates two aspects; that is, it is made up of columns and rows, forming cells, and each one will have an address, which will be a letter that goes in the column and a number at the level of the row; for example, cell A2.

celda de excel para agregar hipervínculos

With Excel you can perform addition, subtraction, multiplication and division functions, but we must place the equal sign (=) before the formula so that it gives you the result; however, the maximum number of characters in these formulas must be respected , which is 32,767; we can also include other cells as variables.

Its functions are by categories, among them we have the function of average, search and reference, text, logic, date and time among many others; Excel is a very popular application today, due to its ability to create graphs based on data , facilitating its interpretation regardless of the profession, since it is no longer only for accountants or financial agents.

Also, you can easily convert measurements in Microsoft Excel or perhaps create a data form for a web page; all these and much more are some of the functions that Excel provides to its users.

What is a hyperlink in Excel?

A hyperlink is an instrument that serves as a link or path to access another file or to an email address, image, or to link web pages both from the same site and from another; therefore, you can jump from one information to another, following the same interest of the topic; The idea is that it can be opened through the internet, which is very useful, especially in long texts.

Therefore, the hyperlink has two points: the source link and the destination link. The first is highlighted on the internet with a color and is also underlined.

Now, if these stop working because they fail to track, they are said to be broken; hyperlinks according to their action are classified into text, image, e-mail hyperlinks and specific functions; and depending on the location they need, they are classified as external or internal.

How to create or insert hyperlink in Excel fast and easy?

Initially the Excel file is opened, now you must determine the cell where the phrase , word or figure that the Hyperlink will have is located and where you are going to direct it, then we go to the menu and click on the Insert tab and then press the hyperlink button.

A dialog box called Insert Hyperlink will open ; here you can choose the hyperlink you want to place.

Insertar hipervínculo en la hoja de calculo

As we already know, this can be to a file or web page, instead of this document, create a new document or to an email address; Whichever option you choose, you must fill in the fields that correspond to the type of Hyperlink selected and finish by pressing the accept button.

Excel spreadsheets have gradually been replacing the paper calculation globally, and although at first they were created for accounting activities. Also, if you wish, you can add two links or hyperlinks to an Excel cell.

Today they are used for a number of professions that need to work with numbers and be applied at the level of graphs and tables, we could say that Excel is our personal assistant, who will be in charge of making the result of the numerical data that we need.

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