crear formulario en Excel para ingresar datos

Creating a form in Excel to enter data makes it much easier to display or type entire rows of information. This is a very convenient way to fill rows in a table or range with data.

It basically takes care of displaying all the columns to allow the data in a row to be seen at the same time and in the same way.

This program goes beyond simply creating Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to calculate rental prices. It has almost endless options where it includes the premise of this tutorial.

Now, if you have this type of tables or ranges and you do not know how to do to have visual access to all, then we bring the step by step to achieve it.

How to Create a Form in Excel to Enter Data

How to create form in Excel to enter data?

An absolutely necessary step before starting to create forms in Excel for data, is to enter the corresponding labels for each column. Soon you will be able to apply your new knowledge to create a data form for a web page in Excel.

These should be at the top of them, and you should not forget to label any that are within the table or range. In this way, Excel uses these labels when taking care of setting new fields in the form in question.

Now, regarding the creation of the tool as such, there will be two rows , the first must be the labels, which will become the field names.

The latter are, for example: name, surname, age, street, city, state or any other that is deemed pertinent or necessary.

While, in the second, the blank spaces will be kept. Because there will be the Excel data that is written in the different fields of said form.


It should be noted that data forms cannot be used to modify, add or delete any formula.

Step by step: create forms in Excel for data

First of all, you must open the Excel tool, then choose tab number six in the upper menu, called ” Data “. In this, the section ” Data Tools ” is located, and within this same section, the option ” Form ”To create a totally new one.

The next step is to write the corresponding information, as already explained above, the labels and everything related. As you have seen, creating a new form is a simple task, you simply have to be clear about the fields you need and be willing to invest a little time.

Create the form with ActiveX controls

This type of form supports the introduction and visualization of the data from the same grid, as well as the validation of these.

One of the advantages is that ActiveX controls allow interaction with information in cells without the need to use VBA code (which many do not know how to use). In addition, they have a variety of properties that allow you to customize them both in behavior and appearance.

How is it done?

Before you can create forms in Excel for data with content controls, you need to have the Developer tab visible in the menu .


poner formulario

  • If not, go to the ” File ” button on the top menu. Within this, to the last tab ” Options “, a new window will appear.
  • In this, locate and click on “Customize Ribbon”, add the “Developer” tab and press ” OK ” to save the changes.
  • Now, from the main screen, look in the upper menu for the new tab “Programmer”, and in the “Controls” section, press ” Insert “.
  • The last step to configure it is to choose and position the ActiveX controls that you want to add to the form in question.
  • After having created the form using any of the options, you will be ready to fill in the assigned fields, either by the same person or by third parties.
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