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The APA standard contains a series of guidelines to carry out work or thesis in an orderly and efficient manner; however, these standards can be a nightmare when applied to your Word document. Although Word also has the ability to write or combine Roman and Arabic numerals to insert them in works or thesis.

So, in this post we will show you in a simple way how to create margins, text and page numbers according to APA standard in Word?

APA Standards for Word

The APA standards emerged in 1929 when a group of psychologists, anthropologists, and business managers met to establish a set of standards that would codify the elements of scientific writing . Even in which exponents could be squared or cubed with Word, to do algebraic work.

These standards are intended to help you do efficient work with essential, consistent, and error-free information .

APA 2020 Standards:

  • Size: Letter.
  • Source: Arial or Times News Roman. Although a variety of fonts is allowed.
  • Size: 12 points.
  • Spacing: Double spacing.
  • Aligned: Left
  • Margins: 2.54 cm on each edge of the sheet; however, your advisor may indicate another type of margin.

normas apa

  • Bleed: 0.5 cm from the left margin. It is not recommended to use the space bar to create indentation.
  • Page numbering: The page number must go in the upper right corner and must go on all pages starting on the cover.
  • Page order: cover page, summary, content, references, footnotes, tables, figures and appendices.

How to create margins, text and page numbers according to APA standard?

  • Margins:

  1. Go to the Tab Design” tab .
  2. In the “Page setup” section, click the drop-down arrow below the “Margins” option .
  3. When a menu is displayed, choose the “Custom margins” option.
  4. You will see a box called “Page settings”.
  5. In the “Margins” tab adjust the top, bottom, left and right margin .
  6. Press «Accept» .
  • Text:

Before starting to write the work, configure certain Word parameters so that it adapts to APA standards:

  1. Go to the “Home” tab and then to the “Styles” section .
  2. Right click on the option that says “Normal” ; A menu will appear where you must select «Modify» .
  3. Then a pop-up window called “Modify Style” will appear.
  4. In this window look for the “Format” section , then you must modify the font, size and alignment of the text.
  5. In that same window, click on the drop-down arrow found on the “Format” button located in the lower left corner.
  6. When a menu is displayed, select “Paragraph” ; Another window will immediately open where you must modify the indentation and spacing . Click “OK” .
  7. To finish, click on “OK” to save the changes.

Another alternative to create a style is:

  1. Simultaneously press the Alt + Ctrl + Shift + S keys.
  2. A menu will appear on the right side (sometimes on the left side) of the screen called “Styles”; In this window you will see several alternative styles.
  3. At the bottom click on the button called «New style» .
  4. A window will appear where you must apply the previous steps 4 – 7.

Keep in mind that you can also modify the font of the letter, its size, the alignment, indentation and spacing from the “Home” tab of Word; But, you must configure each option one by one. Also you can put a superscript and subscript at the same time with the keyboard. But if it seems more practical and comfortable, follow the previous suggestions, it will be done faster.

opciones de word y normas apa

  • Page number:

  1. Locate the “Insert” tab and click there.
  2. In the “Header and Footer” section, you must click on the “Page Number” option to display a menu with various options.
  3. Hover over these options . To apply the APA rules you must place the cursor on the option “Top of page” and a menu will be displayed where you must select “Number without format 3” .
  4. You already have the page number added to your document.
  5. Now you must click on the option «X Close header and footer» .
  6. Ready the page number is applied to your document.

If you need the page numbers to be in Roman numerals or you need to add titles to the page numbers; You must click on «Page number format» which is in the drop-down menu of the «Page number» option and configure the format of the numbers. But also if you prefer, you can hide the header and footer of the document very easily.

Using Microsoft Word is very simple, follow the instructions above and you can apply the APA standards correctly to your work.

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