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Google Sites has been for years one of the best services for creating professional-level websites. Its approach was based on the fact of complementing its structure with other elements of pages such as Blogger. Which he achieved with a personal design and much more comfortable for its users.

How to Create a Free Website with Google Sites step by step

At the beginning of the year Google updated its Google Sites services. With this change, I update its old-fashioned interface, which supports the adaptation of the design of different web pages , which can also be created with designs that are much more compatible with smartphones and tablets.

Likewise, this platform, in order to be a much more inclusive space, provides several of its completely free services. One of the many advantages, among which we can find the wide space that the platform offers, the multi-purpose templates with which you can give even more seriousness and focus to your texts, portfolios, among other things.

Since this is a service belonging to the Google company, you can use its entire suite of tools such as Google Photos, YouTube and Google Analytics.

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How to Create a Web Page with Google Sites

Google has a wonderful web creation tool, where thanks to its templates and tools, you can create your page for free, in a matter of minutes. If you want to create your website, you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. In order to access you must have an active google account. If you do not have such an account, you can create your profile by pressing this link
  2. Once you have said account, you just have to go to the google sites page.
  3. Here you will see a special page where you can see an editor, which is much simpler. Here you can see a series of elements which are part of a control panel , in which you can easily add various elements. The elements that you can find here are: Text boxes, code insert boxes, add images and YouTube videos. Multiple help buttons: paste, copy, cut, etc.
  4. Add multiple visual tools like presentations , documents, and spreadsheets.
  5. Within the templates you can choose from, the designs are unique and special depending on the use and intention of your writing.
  6. From this moment you can start to publish and open your website normally. Take all your time to edit and create the document, once it is ready, you just have to click on the publish button and automatically, the site will be open to all the public within the internet.

With this, your website will be completely ready and you will be able to teach your audience all your thoughts or studies that you want to expose there.

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Other Pages where you can Open a Free Website

If you want to explore all the web creation options, here we will leave you a list of different platforms with which you can create your web page easily and simply.

  • : This platform has new updates, which have greatly improved its functionality and access. Its platform mainly uses artificial intelligence, which makes the process of creating and editing files much more comfortable and simple to do.
  • This is a website, which offers you multiple free benefits for one year. However, all the changes and edits you make with the free term will last for a long time, even long after the trial period has passed.
  • 1and1: Although it has free functionalities, its elements are very limited, however, its templates and editing tools are excellent for editing it.

With this you will be completely ready to create your own website and show the world your full potential.

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