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Facebook is one of the most famous social networks in the world, it has millions of registered users, and it now offers us the possibility of creating a blog or web page , which can be of a personal or business nature.

How to Create a Free Personal or Business Blog on Facebook – Step by Step

In many cases it is of great importance to get more likes and reactions on your Facebook, in order to increase the followers and comments . To achieve that, it will be very useful to learn details such as creating a Facebook poll with various options, enhancing our content by sharing Instagram stories on Facebook, or even simple things like changing the type and color of the letters on your profile.

Facebook has been evolving for the past few years, creating a Facebook page for our blog will help us expand our reach on this social network. In this way, we can easily make the articles we publish go viral . In this post you will see how to create a blog on Facebook and the benefits it brings.

Create a Facebook page

To create this Facebook page you must go to menu; In the section with the plus icon, select create ; Click on start and then choose the category or type of page you want to create so it will be easier for people to find this page . There are 3 categories or types of pages that Facebook allows you to select.

Types of blog or Facebook pages

The categories will help you improve the quality of your blog . These are: Own businesses; Large companies or services; Personal blog; Music / bands and Entertainment.


Set up your Facebook page

First you must define what information your page can describe , the URL of your blog; You just have to think about the Facebook address you want because you can only change it once and the description of the page or blog.

Second, select the profile photo, adjust it perfectly so that it gives the image you want and is attractive to other users, creating more trust and closeness between readers.

Thirdly, add to favorites, with this step you add your page in the favorites section so it will be easier for you to have it on hand. Finally, this step reaches more people only if you have the possibility to invest to promote your Facebook page; if it is not of your interest you can skip this step. In this way you will get your page or blog on facebook.


You can also create notes , these are similar to a blog. You can create these by entering your Facebook profile page , click on the plus button , there you will find the notes option . Also, you can find it on your Facebook page among information and friends; then Click on add in notes .

Create a note

To create a note on your profile and on the Facebook page you must follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the notes section on your profile or page.
  • Click on add note.
  • C onfigura privacy.
  • Add a photo according to what you want to promote.
  • Add the title and in the section write something you can place the description corresponding to the photo that you upload to the note.
  • You can add a featured photo and configure it the way you want, you can write large featured texts . Also, you can add another image and describe it if you want.

creando una página de facebook

– Click on publish for your friends or you can have it personally . Also, you can save it in draft if you don’t want to publish it yet.

If you want to edit the note you created, go to notes , click on See more and then select edit note . When you finish editing the note, you can click publish update . But if something went wrong and you want to delete it you can go to notes again; Click on See more on the note you want to delete and select on edit note , finally click on the lower left part Delete.

Now that you know how to create a personal or business blog on Facebook, you can create it quickly and easily. Thus improving the growth of your business or publicize some personal items as well as get many visits on your page.

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