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When we talk about Apple ID we refer to a fairly practical account that you can use to have access to all Apple services and functions, where you can buy, download from iTunes and the App Store and many other services.

When you buy an iOS device , you may notice that when it is starting up, it asks you to enter an Apple ID address or create a new account. Before it was normal that in order to create a new Apple ID from your PC, Mac or from your own iOS device, it would ask you to link a credit or debit account. But if you already have one, just log in with your Apple ID on the iPhone.

This became a problem for those who did not have the possibility of having a credit card in their own name. That is why in this small guide we will show you how to create an Apple ID account without the need for you to have a credit or debit card.

How to create an Apple ID for free?

Paso a paso en pantalla para crear Apple ID

To create an Apple ID account for free you will need any iOS device , you can use your iPhone or any other device such as an iPod or iPad. You can even do this in iTunes but the menu it will show will be a little different. Besides this, you can also create an Apple account with a new ID. The steps to follow will be shown below:

Step 1

The first thing you should do is verify that you do not have an open session with any Apple ID, and if you see it, then you must close it. To do so, you must go to the final part of your App Store, you must locate and select your Apple ID and then you must click the Disconnect option.

Step 2

Now you must go back to the App Store and go to the bottom part again, but this time you must look for an option called Connect and select it and then you will have the option to Create a new Apple ID

Step 3

After this second step, you will be asked what your country of residence is , so within the menu you must select where you live and then click Next.

Step 4

You will now be able to see Apple’s terms and conditions so you must accept them if you want to use the Apple ID . So after accepting them, in the window that will appear you must click Accept again to confirm that you agree with the Apple contract.

Step 5

It is time for you to enter the information that Apple is asking for and then click next. And in the option where you previously had to select and link a credit card, debit card or a payment method, you will see a new option that says None.

The latter is the option that you must select so that you can create your Apple ID account for free , and then you must fill in some information that it asks for below.

Step 6

Now you must go to your email so that you can verify the account you just created. You just have to click on the verify button and log in with the account. Then you return to the App Store where you will see a window that asks you to log in with the account you created, enter your password and that’s it. In case of forgetting the password, you must recover the Apple ID account.

What if you have a Touch ID?

Pasos de Touch ID en iPhone

In that case, it will ask you if you want to use it, and if so, it will ask you for the Touch ID code and you will be able to make the purchases you want without the need to put a password all the time.

And that’s it, that’s how easy you can use your Apple ID account without the need for a card. This method is very good if you have children in your household, since you can create their own Apple accounts for them and you will ensure that they do not make unauthorized purchases of extra content.

Since you will create an Apple ID for free without any card, you will also have the opportunity to download content from the App Store and iTunes for free .

And if you need to buy an App then you can buy an Apple prepaid card and redeem it in your account and that way you will not have limits to make your purchases. You can download the iTunes App and App Store for your Mac pc or Smartphone.

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