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Spotify is a project created and developed jointly by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon, both of Swedish origin and professionals from the IT services industry. Who had the objective of giving life to a multiplatform application that provided streaming services . If you still don’t know very well how to use this platform, here we explain.

Thus, in 2008 an App that offers song reproduction services was launched on the digital market; podcast and even live streaming of multimedia files. Spotify gives its users the ability to listen to any type of music .

The app has been on the rise since its inception, earning more than $ 10 million annually. In addition to having an approximate of 230 million daily active users around the world, positioning itself as the third most downloaded application in 2019.

How to control Spotify Web with my PC keyboard shortcuts?

Spotify, teclado negro

In its beginnings, the App was only available in five countries on the European continent, and its services were applied only to computers. However, with the emergence of the so-called Smartphone the corporation had to adapt to the new demands and develop an App for mobile devices .

Another of the transformations that Spotify underwent was the reconversion of its services, since these were no longer subject to forms of payment or acquisition by invitations. As it is a free platform available to the general public, of course there is a Premium version that has some benefits such as not having a time limit on songs or advertisements

Spotify is everything and more than a music lover could dream of, its smart design allows its users to explore new music content. Develop a “playlist” based on your personal tastes, find out what others are listening to, and even share your music with other people through the Spotify for Artists option.

Manage the Spotify web service with my PC keyboard shortcuts

There are several reasons that make us choose Spotify as the best option when listening to music. The differences between the quality of the audio in the App and other websites with similar services are exorbitant. In addition, there are millions of content available and the best thing is that we can access this platform without even having an internet connection at the moment.

Another plus point is that currently the computer version has some keyboard “shortcuts” that allow the user to make practical use of the keys and not exclusively the mouse.

Top PC Shortcuts You Can Apply on Spotify

The main shortcuts and the most useful ones to use from your PC with the Spotify tool will be presented below:

  • Play / choose: Enter.
  • Repeat song: Ctrl + R.

Ctrl+R Spotify

  • New Playlist: Ctrl + N.
  • Create playlist folder: Ctrl + Shift key + N.
  • Start in shuffle mode: Ctrl + S.
  • Search for songs in the search panel: Ctrl + L.
  • Return to the previous page: Alt + arrow to the left.
  • Go to the next page: Alt + right arrow.
  • Filter in playlist folder: Ctrl + F.
  • Increase volume: Ctrl + up arrow.
  • Volume down : Ctrl + down arrow.
  • All volume: Ctrl + Shift + up arrow.
  • Mute r: Ctrl + Shift + down arrow.
  • Play / pause: space key.
  • Select all : Ctrl + A.
  • Copy: Ctrl + C.
  • Paste: Ctrl + V.
  • Cut: Ctrl + X.
  • Delete: Delete.
  • Log out: Ctrl + Shift key + W.
  • Exit Spotify: Alt + F4.

How can I purchase Spotify web?

If you still don’t have the streaming service and you want to download the latest version of Spotify for your PC , all you have to do is access its official site.

Then you will be shown two options: the Premium option in which you will enjoy the free service for three months without ads (later it will require a payment). That is, it provides you with a few months of free trial but at the end of that time you must pay for the service.

On the other hand, there is the free option in which you can enjoy the App without any payment , but you will be subjected to some advertisements and advertisements during the playback of the tracks.

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