The Xbox One is one of the best consoles that have come on the market , since it has games and magnificent added functions (such as the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate games list), for this reason today you will be shown one of those additions, answering the question How to configure the virtual reality glasses to my Xbox One?

And, although this console has been in stores for a long time , very few know how to use its main functions (especially since the PS4 won it more in popularity), and that is why a guide like this is imperative, which helps users allies of the green team.

How to configure the virtual reality glasses to my Xbox One?

Now, going straight to the point and so that you can start as soon as possible, the first thing to know about how to configure the virtual reality glasses to my Xbox One, is that there really are no official glasses for this console.

Unfortunately Xbox did not try to output its own lenses (as if the PS4 did), so to be able to use glasses on this console, you have to resort to virtual lenses from another brand and third-party programs to stream the image.

With that of course, it is time to start. The first thing you have to do in order to configure and connect your glasses is to go to the official website. Once inside it, look for the green “Download” button, and proceed to download the corresponding version of this app for your operating system.

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When you have done it, go to your mobile and download the app of the same name inside it, then go back to your PC and run the application that you downloaded. By doing so you will be able to enter it, inside go to the “VR Settings” window found in the upper ribbon.

In this section, you will see a box at the end that allows you to activate image duplication, check it. Then open the app on your mobile, it will automatically connect to the PC and will allow you to see what is on the screen.

To finish, open your Xbox application on the PC and connect it to the console (by clicking the “Transmit” button on the menu ), finally put the mobile on the glasses and that’s it.

Use the Óculus as Xbox One glasses

With the above, you already know how to configure the virtual reality glasses to my Xbox One, so you must have noticed that the method mentioned was to use the famous Google cardboard glasses, which are attached to the mobile.

In case this is not enough for you, then as an extra you will also learn to use the Oculus glasses, so that you have two virtual reality options on your favorite Microsoft console.

To achieve this, first go to your Xbox One, there enter “Settings” from the main menu, then “Preferences” , and in this section click “Allow streaming of games to other devices.”

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Then connect your Xbox controller to the PC, then go to the Oculus Store in the browser, and within it, search and install the Xbox One streaming app. Then start this app on the PC, that will make it start looking for a console to connect, choose yours when it comes out.

When the union is confirmed, the streaming will begin immediately, and you will be able to use your virtual reality glasses. And voila, with that you already know how to configure the virtual reality glasses on my Xbox One , so you have nothing else to do here.

However, before you leave, remember that this technology is so new that several guides are needed to understand it, so it does not hurt to look. What is the difference between augmented and virtual reality?

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