Through the following guide we will show you a method with which you will learn how to connect to a database to Dreamweaver step by step . If you are a web developer or you are just starting in this world, it could be useful in turn, you should learn how to make a contact form in Dreamweaver and many other essential actions.

The Dreamweaver app

The Dreamweaver application was born in 1997, at that time it was part of the programs offered by Macromedia. Even so, in 2015 it became part of Adobe Inc., but its functionality is practically the same.

The software is designed for the design and development of web applications, making it an indispensable tool for professionals in this area. It is certainly not a program for newbies, in fact, it is considered a powerful professional tool of great use.

How to connect a database to Dreamweaver step by step

Before we begin, it is good to know that the way to connect a database with Dreamweaver is not the same as it was in the past. In the past we had an application, more specifically we refer to the Extension Manager, but it is no longer available. Given this, the way to achieve this task has changed substantially.

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Fortunately, there is the Server Behavior & Database application , with which we can achieve the goal of connecting a database to Dreamweaver. For this tutorial, it is recommended that you know basic questions such as what is an FTP Server and other prior knowledge, since today’s is a professional process.

Server Behavior & Database

The Server Behavior & Database application is designed precisely to bring back previously removed server and database functions. Being more specific, Server Behavior & Database is an extension that can be installed completely free of charge . Please note that the following tutorial is specifically focused on the 2015 version of the program.

To get Server Behavior & Database go to the following official link, Server Behavior & Database for Dreamweaver. Once you are there, click on the “Free” button, after that accept the terms and conditions. You may need to provide the email account associated with the Dreamweaver app. After the above process, the extension that is automatically installed will begin to download.

Now, you must open the Dreamweaver program, then go to the “Window” section. You will see that new options are displayed, although this time the one we are interested in is “Database”.

Start linking the database to Dreamweaver

To start with site administration, go to “File” and there select the option “Manage sites . A new window will open, in this section you must select “New site”. The system will ask for the name of the website and the local folder where your files are stored.

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In the servers section, to create a new server, click on the button with the plus symbol (+). In the basic section, the name of the server will be requested; In “Connect using” , you must select the connection method, in the case of being local, select “Local / network”. In server folder, select the root folder of the server.

To finish with the basic configuration in the section “Web URL” you must include the website where the server is located. Go to the “Advanced” section, in the “Server model” section select “PHP MySQL” or whatever option you require. Now select “Save.”

The last thing to do is select “Test” and again click on save. After the previous steps, the information on the web page will be loaded correctly.


Go to «Database» and click on the + button. It provides the information that is required on the screen, that is, in connection name, the MySQL server, in user name, password and finally select the database.

Certainly, the process goes much further than what was shown before, but with this you will already have the bases to continue working with the program.

On the other hand, you should know how to create an image map with Dreamweaver to take better advantage of the options of this great web development tool.

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