Cómo borrar o eliminar el historial de búsquedas de Twitter

Twitter is considered an instant messaging platform where millions of users can search for people and share information of interest. It also serves as a means of communication, for this reason it is necessary to understand the functions that it has, such as the search history.

First of all, it should be noted that searches carried out on Twitter are automatically saved in the history space . But many users find this option uncomfortable. Since when they want to carry out a search they get certain suggestions based on the searches that were carried out previously. So the best way to avoid this is by deleting your search history.

Twitter: Easily delete your search history

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Normally, this option is also uncomfortable because if you want to lend the mobile device and someone wants to have access to Twitter in order to search for information, they can have access to the searches that you have personally carried out. Privacy may be lost with accounts.

It should be noted that there are two methods to achieve this, so you can delete the searches one by one . In case you want to leave others added to the history, therefore you must do the individual deletion process.

In turn, the other method is to erase the search history completely so that there is no trace of the searches carried out.

So it is recommended to enter the application and go to the “search” section, once you are there you can view at least the last five searches you made.

Therefore, to be able to delete them individually, you must select the one you want and press it for a few seconds. In this way, you can click on the “delete” option. Once you delete it, you can see that a previous search appears, so if you wish you can repeat this procedure for the searches you want to eliminate.

But if you don’t like this option and you want to delete all searches at once, you can go to the «recent» option. In that section you will notice that there is an “X” on the right side of that option so you just have to click it.

Together you can click on the “delete” option that you will see. In this way, your search history will be automatically deleted without leaving a trace of your previous searches. As you can see, it is a simple procedure that only takes a few clicks.

Discover the steps to delete your Twitter history

Initially you must enter the application and it is recommended to make a copy of the tweed, so to achieve this you must enter the configuration and select the option ” Privacy ” from the menu. Then you can select the account and then enter ” check your Twitter data “.

Once you do, you will find in that section the option to “download all the history”, together in order to erase it, it is recommended to enter the “tweetdelete.net” service, which is free for users.

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In the same way, when you enter, you must allow this service to have access to your Twitter information, that way you can have access to your profile.

At the same time, in that same place you can decide whether to program the deletion of them. To do this, you only need to identify the erase period . For example, you can select to delete all tweets that are more than two months old.

Finally, you can click and the settings will be ready, this way it will not leave any trace of your Twitter posts. So with these steps you can delete the Twitter history or the Twitter search history, you just have to follow the recommendations.

In addition, by eliminating searches, you will be protecting your privacy in case the phone is lost or if you lend it to someone and he himself enters the application to perform a search. There you can easily see what you like, for these reasons it is recommended to delete the history.

Finally, we hope this ole article has been helpful. However, we’d like to hear from you. Have you been able to clear your Twitter search history? Do you know of another method to perform this action? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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