Technology and the development of web applications have greatly helped people to achieve certain tasks more easily. You can get all kinds of apps to do everything, even flirt.

Getting a partner has changed a lot over time, going from organized dates , blind dates and now, dating applications to flirt like the Badoo page. However, having this type of application does not guarantee you to get a partner, since there are certain tricks that you should not ignore.

Mano sosteniendo un móvil con la aplicación de Badoo

In the following article we will explain how you should have your profile, what photos to upload and how to take care of all the details to be able to chat and flirt on Badoo easily.

Most important aspects to consider when dating on Badoo

There are several tricks to get flirting more easily, but the truth is no mystery. You only have to take into account factors such as your profile, its description , the photos you upload and the way in which you express yourself.

However, your profile should be the most important thing. Remember that all the contacts you add will see your profile and if it does not generate impact, they will pass you by no matter how hard you try.

Create a profile that arouses interest

No matter how hard you try or how many photos you post showing your body, if your profile does not attract the attention of the people who see it, you will never get dates.

You must have some good photographs that show you authentic, without wanting to demonstrate something that you are not and a good description that shows you fun and not stiff.

What photos to put on your profile?

The profile photo is one of the most important aspects since, undoubtedly, the type of photo will imply that they match you or not. It is normal to look at the physical, all people take it into account and more when you do not know the personality and qualities that that person has.

Make sure your first photo is a genuine one, where you show a smile and look empathetic. Avoid photos showing your body too much.

It is very important that your first photo is one where you show your face, in this way you will arouse interest without looking self-centered or routine.

Móvil con la aplicación de Badoo


In case you have to show your body in your first photo, avoid making this an exhibitionist image of you. If you are going to show, that is because you see yourself swimming, surfing or doing an activity that really deserves it and not simply because you want to show your abdomen.

This usually creates a perception that you are a frivolous, self-centered and superficial person, with whom it is impossible to establish a conversation and a pleasant relationship and they will pass you by for more perfect body you have.

Write an interesting description that arouses interest in the other person

Immediately after seeing your profile picture, the next step your potential partners take is to read your description to create a psychological profile of you. Believe it or not, a good description can make the difference between getting a lot of dates and getting nothing.

If in your description you write common messages such as “single looking for a partner” you will not generate any interest. In fact, you will give an image of a desperate person and your potential partners will flee.

Find a way to capture what you do and what you like in an authentic and original way. It doesn’t have to be anything too structured , but if you manage to stand out among all the common profiles, your chances of getting a date and flirting will increase much more.

What to say in conversations?

You may be able to overcome the first two stages and start receiving matches from those possible couples; However, if the first thing you do is propose a date, they will simply stop writing to you.

Try to show yourself as an attentive and fun person . The intention is to create a sense that you both know each other to increase interest and trust. Be genuine and avoid starting conversations with phrases like “Hello pretty” “how beautiful you are.”

If people perceive that you are waiting for the first opportunity to propose a date, you will push away many potential dates. Show that you speak because you feel like it and not because you want to go further.

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