YouTube is a platform with a great boom , because beyond the entertainment it offers us, it is also a valuable digital marketing tool. And at some point, we will have to change the logo and banner of a YouTube channel from an Android mobile or iPhone.

Why is it important to change the logo and banner of your channel on YouTube?

After Facebook, YouTube is the second platform with the most monthly views in the world. This opens up many possibilities for the marketing of products and services; which is why everyone seeks to increase the views of YouTube videos.

The logo and banner are our letter of introduction to thousands of people. A successful design will allow us to project our image, as well as the issues we address in the videos on our YouTube channel.

What is the ideal size for the logo and banner of a YouTube channel?

For the correct display of our logo or banner, we must have an image with the specific measurements for each case. This is important, because if we put a very large image, it will be cropped; and if, on the contrary, it is very small, it will be blurred or pixelated.

In the case of the logo, it is necessary to have a square-shaped image, that is, with the same number of pixels in width and length. And the recommended measurements are 800 px by 800 px . Youtube will show them smaller, because their size will be adjusted according to the visitor’s device.

medidas para banner en un canal de youtube

Youtube can be viewed from TV, desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, with screens of different resolutions. And in the particular case of the banner, we must bear in mind that the extreme areas will be hidden depending on the device.

The banner of a YouTube channel must be 2560 px by 1140 px ; But while the art design is being carried out, we must try to put the relevant things in the central area of the rectangle, leaving the corners only with decorations.

The safe zone is the part of the banner that will always be visible , no matter what the device is. Its size is 1546 px by 423 px, located exactly in the center of the banner. It is in this area where the channel title and our relevant data should be.

How to change the logo and banner of a YouTube channel from an Android mobile or iPhone?

Generally we have several options to customize a channel. From changing the description of the YouTube channel easily, to changing the trailer or main video of a YouTube channel; but the change of the logo and banner is another story on mobile phones.

Changing the logo and banner of our YouTube channel is the same for both Android phones and iPhone ; since we will simply access our account from the YouTube browser, using the computer version.

version de escritorio en android y en iphone

We must do this, because the mobile version of the YouTube website and also the App, do not directly show us these options . For this reason we will do a simple trick, which we will explain below.

Through the browser we must go and log into YouTube. In Android, we press the button with the 3 dots, to see the menu of additional options and select “Version for computer”. On iPhone, click on the AA button and go to “Desktop version website”.

By checking the checkbox on Android, or sliding the option “Desktop version” on iPhone, we will be redirected to the page for computers. Click on the circular icon of our profile on the right side, to display the options and go to “My channel”.

Then you will see, the current banner at the top and a little lower the logo on the left side. If you click on the logo, the “Edit profile logo” dialog box will be displayed, click on “EDIT” and finish by choosing the desired image.

Similarly, if you click on the banner, a dotted box will be displayed where you will see a blue button in the central part to choose and upload your image. With this, you can change the logo and banner of your channel whenever you want.

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