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Does your Microsoft Word appear in English? If so, do not worry, because through the following guide we will teach you how to change the language of Microsoft Word from English to Spanish , so that you can use this powerful word processor comfortably.

Microsoft Office

The Microsoft Office suite is known to almost every PC user. This includes some of the most important office automation programs, being one of the main work tools in most offices around the world.

Certainly, the software provides some of the best tools for carrying out various jobs, among which we find the popular Microsoft Word, a word processor that easily ranks as the most important globally.

Microsoft Office is available in multiple languages, including Spanish. Either way, many users have complained that the program appears in English. Certainly this problem is quite common and can be very annoying.

Still, don’t worry, it is possible to change the language of Microsoft Office or Microsoft Word without major inconvenience. You can even change the language of the spell checker in Word as well. To carry out this process properly, read carefully the following tutorial in which we will show you step by step the procedure to change the language of Microsoft Word.

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How to change the language of Microsoft Word from English to Spanish

Although it is possible to translate a Google Docs document online, the fact that your language does not appear in the Microsoft Word application can be problematic. Either way, this can be solved very easily. If you have any doubts, then we recommend that you read the following guide carefully.

  1. The first thing to do is go to the “File” section located in the upper left part of the application. If it is in English it will be shown as “File” .
  2. Once inside “file”, press on the option “options”, if it is in English, it will be shown as “Options”.
  3. In the fifth position of the Microsoft Word options, you will find the “language” section. If it is in English, the application will appear as “Language”, click on this option.
  4. Here are several settings, select the Spanish language or any other you want for each of the Word functions.
  5. Once the application language has been correctly configured, click on the “Accept” / “Save” option.
  6. After having made this configuration, you must close the application completely, when you open it again everything should appear in the Spanish language.

Microsoft Word

Change the language of all Microsoft Office applications

In the event that you also want to change the language of Microsoft Office, we recommend reading the following guide, which can be very convenient to properly configure the language in all applications of this popular software.

  1. Go to the start menu, here you must locate the “Programs” section, a space where all the applications installed on our system are found.
  2. You should locate the folder “Microsoft Office”, once you do, click on it.
  3. Various configuration options for the office suite will appear here, locate the one called “Microsoft Office Language Preferences” and click on it.
  4. The next thing to do is to configure the Spanish language in all the available options. After doing this, just click on “OK”, in this way you will have correctly configured the language in all Microsoft Office programs.

As you can see, changing the language of Microsoft Word or Microsoft Office is a fairly simple process, do the above setup step by step and you will be able to use this useful tool again in your language.

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