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Thinking about changing the background of the photos with Picsart for some users who love editing is something very important, because we can create any image that comes to mind or simply a quite realistic photomontage.

How to Change the Background of Photos with PicsArt | How to Make a Photomontage

Photography has become today one of the most valued hobbies thanks to the use of Smartphones that increasingly have more developed cameras. Some users find it necessary to edit the photos they capture.

Picsart is a fairly complete application for this purpose, since it allows us to add effects, text, modify the lights, make photomontages , finally let our imagination fly and make that dream photo come true with just a few clicks.

What do we need to change the background of the photos with Picsart?

First of all we must have the app on our Smartphone , which we can get in the Play Store totally free, we just need to search for it and download it.

In addition to having the photo or image that we want to use as a background, we suggest that you use images without Copyright to avoid any inconvenience when publishing it on a Social Network.

For this we recommend the Pixabay page where you can find an infinity of images that you can use as a background. Finally, we must have selected the photo that we will use as the main photo montage.

How do we achieve the photomontage? Step by Step

Follow these steps to change the background of the photos with Picsart. To begin, we advise you to put your phone in ” Airplane Mode ” to prevent any advertising from appearing while you edit the photo.

diseño de picsart original


Select the background image

Open the Picsart app and look at the bottom for the ” + ” symbol, that will take you to your gallery and you must select the image you want to use as the background.

Choose the main photo

Once you have the project open with the background image, you must slide the lower options panel and click on “ Add photo ”, there you must select the main photo or that you want to mount on the background image.

Give it a touch of realism

Now you must click on the option ” Crop “, then you will have two options ” Portrait ” or ” Manual Selection ” choose the one of your preference or work combining both, so that you can select the area with the greatest possible specificity, this will give realism to assembly.

Provide the pictures

Having the image well selected you must click on ” Save ” this will take you back to the project, where now you must provide the image with the background, so that it looks quite realistic.

Last touches

When you are satisfied with the proportion, all you have to do is make some adjustments to improve the photomontage, click on the ” Adjust ” option and there you can modify the lighting, contrast and everything you want to generate a good blend with the background.

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Now you just have to click on the ” Opacity ” option and decrease it a little (around 92%) so that the image blends with the background colors.

It’s ready! We only have to save the image, which will remain in a folder with the name Picsart in our gallery. By following these simple steps you will be able to change the background of the photos with Picsart.

Some tips to improve your photo montage

  • Try to match the tones of your photo and the image you use in the background, thus facilitating the editing work.
  • Work with images of good quality and without Copyright .
  • Take care of the proportion to help the realism.
  • Remember to take care when cropping the images to avoid mistakes with the background

Finally, we hope that this tutorial will be of great help to you to create the best photos for your Social Networks.

Besides having fun creating a photo montage of your photos, also try using the blur background effect to create unique and fun photos.

If you are a fan of social networks and you love to upload photos to gain many likes, try also using other Apps to edit your photos or you may also be interested in looking for the best camera applications with filter. One of the most popular applications with the most effects and photo filters is Instagram.

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