In today’s world, passwords are the most important thing that exists, since our data roams the network without protection. It does not matter if the app is music or an assistant, a password is the protection barrier. That is why you always have to renew it , and with that in mind today you will learn how to change the Spotify password from your cell phone.

The good thing about an application like Spotify is that it is so popular that it would never be left behind in any issue of functions (you can even program Spotify to turn off automatically), so changing or renewing your password is completely legal and free.

How to change Spotify password from cell phone?

Now, the first thing you have to know is that you can change the Spotify password from your cell phone, but not directly from the application, that is, there is no native function that allows you to do this within the app itself.

So if you want to change the password, you will have to use the web browser of your mobile to carry out the necessary process (if you don’t have to choose to do it from your computer always).

In the event that you want to do it from your mobile, as happened number one, you have to go to the official Spotify website from the browser of the cell phone you currently have (it does not matter if it is Android or IOS).

spotify verde con fondo negro

When you’re there, log in with your current credentials. Then and once inside, you must click on the icon with three horizontal stripes so that a drop-down menu appears on the screen called “Account overview”.

Among the options indicated there, choose the one called “Change password”, that will take you to a new section where there is a form for the change, in it you must first put your current password, then your new password and finally confirm the New Password.

When you have everything ready, to finish the process, click on “Set new password” and that’s it. Now you only have to go to your associated email and press the change confirmation link, so that your order is finished processing and the password is established.

Change the password if you have forgotten it!

With the above, you already know how to change the Spotify password from the cell phone, so as a little extra, you will be shown how to recover or reset the password if you have forgotten it and you can enter your Spotify.

To achieve this, you must first go to the official page of the app, then enter your email and click on “Start session”, as you have not entered the password you will get an error, and also you will be shown a link called “You have Forgot password ”, that you must press.

With this action you will be taken to a section where you have to place your associated email and click “Send”, this will cause them to send you an email with a new link called “Set the password again.”

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By following this link, a web page will open, which lets you enter your new password and confirm it without having to enter the previous one. When you have finally chosen your password, click “Send” and that’s it.

With everything you read now, it can be said that you know how to change the Spotify password from your cell phone, and in turn you also learned how to recover your password in case it is lost.

So now you can go to perform these processes and enter Spotify. However, do not stop looking for information about this great app , because there are really functions that you should know, it is recommended that you look for example: How to change the language of Spotify?

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