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The social network with the most users in the world is undoubtedly Facebook and it is very easy to open an account in just minutes. But it also has certain restrictions before making any changes or modifying data. That is why in this article we are going to show you how to change my Facebook name without waiting for 60 days step by step.

How to Change my Facebook Name without Waiting 60 days step by step

And even if you don’t believe it, this has become the biggest concern that new users of this social network may have. And they wish by all means to make this name change without waiting these two months. It turns out that many are not comfortable with the name they chose when opening the account or simply want to change it.

Facebook now allows us to make some modifications, since in the beginning they were almost impossible. But in the case of the name, we must wait in the first instance for a period of 60 days. We have shown these types of solutions in previous articles, but to be applied from iPhone smartphones.

How to change my Facebook name without waiting 60 days step by step

There are many practical solutions that we can offer you in this regard, but we will especially offer you two methods for this. The first of them consists of restoring the name you had before . And the second method will allow you to change it for a totally new one or change the nickname. You just have to follow the following instructions to the letter.

cambiar nombre facebook

To begin, it is obvious we must enter our Facebook profile and for this we enter our username and password. It is important before continuing that we perform this operation from a personal computer. Being on the home page and there we will go to the upper right and we will click on the arrow icon.

Option to change your name before 60 days on Facebook

This action will show us a menu of options and among them we must choose Settings , now we will be taken to a new window and in it we will click on Edit in the Name option and it will inform us that at this time it is not possible to change the name because They have already changed it in the last 60 days and below you will find a More information link.

We click on this option and it will show us a new window that offers the Facebook help service and the question Why can’t I change my name? We must click on the Tell us link , a new Facebook page will be loaded called Change of name and it contains a form which you must fill out.

Among the fields that you must fill in are New name, here you will write the name by which you will be known now. Another field is New Middle Name (optional). Another field that you can fill in is New surname and you will enter a new surname or the same one if you want it. After making these changes, at the bottom you will find the following option.

Reason for change in it we must click to display a menu and find different options and you must choose Change of legal name. Then further down the page you must click the Browse button and the File Upload box appears. And we will search the computer for the file that accredits this request for a name change.

You select it and finally click on the Open option, so that the file is loaded, it is important that you know that there are several ways to accredit this step. You can scan an official identity document, but a screenshot of the Facebook profile is enough, where the name you no longer want appears.

nombre perfil facebook

Once you have finished filling in the form and uploading the document that proves your change. You must click on the blue Send button. You only have to wait for a day (24 hours) for Facebook staff to approve the request. And that’s how easy you have finished making this change, as it would be, if you decided to change the URL of your Facebook profile.

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