Today we have brought you a short guide for you to learn how to change the Apex Legends server and ping on PS4, PC and Xbox One in a few steps without many complications.

Changing the server in Apex Legends on PS4, Xbox One and PC in a few minutes

Next, in this first section we will show you in great detail the entire process that you must follow to the letter to change the server and ping of Apex Legends on PS4, PC and Xbox One quickly and easily.

Configure the server in Apex Legends on PS4 or Xbox One

  • To start you have to turn on the console correctly, either PS4 or Xbox One and open the game as you normally do to play games with friends.
  • Then stay on the Apex Legends main screen for a couple of minutes without touching any buttons.
  • After a few minutes, you simply have to enter the menu accessibility settings and get out of there quickly.
  • To continue you just have to press R3 (that is, press the right joystick of the controller) just after having exited the accessibility settings.
  • After that, you will see a new window appear where you can select the servers with the highest connection speed.
  • You simply have to scroll down the list of servers until you find one that has the lowest number of pings , since this is what we are looking for to improve fluidity within online games.

cambiar servidores apex legends

From the computer

In this case, the procedure to change the server and ping of Apex Legends on the computer is similar to the steps that we explained previously to do the same but from PS4 and Xbox One.

  • First of all, you have to turn on the computer, open the Apex Legends game and wait a few minutes for the main screen to load.
  • Then you must wait for two minutes to pass and press the ‘Esc’ key on the keyboard and you will see that a warning pops up where the game asks us if we want to go to the desktop. Here you must select the option that says ‘Cancel’ and then you will be redirected back to the main Apex Legends screen.
  • Now you just have to select an option called ‘Data Center’ that will be displayed at the bottom of the monitor.
  • To continue, you must select this option and in this way you will have access to a list of servers in all countries where the number of ping that each one has will also be displayed.
  • Then, you have to click on the server that has the lowest ping number, since this way you can accelerate the speed of your internet to the maximum during each game.
  • To finish, you just have to go back to the main menu and wait for the game to load correctly.

How to decrease ping and improve connection in Apex Legends

Here we will show you several alternatives that serve to decrease the ping and improve the connection in Apex Legends without having to download any external program.

Don’t play connected to the WiFi network

In case you don’t know, playing Apex Legends from PC, PS4 or Xbox One connected to the internet via WiFi will make the connection go much slower.

configurar ping juego apex

The best solution for this problem is to buy an Ethernet cable of the appropriate category, since this will increase the speed of the connection and therefore the games will not have any problem with lag.

Take a speed test

The most common reason why users complain when playing games in Apex Legends is because they have a very low connection speed. So, to know if the problem has to do with your connection, you simply have to carry out an internet speed test. To do this, you must search the internet for some of the famous pages that will do this test in a few minutes.

Restart the console, the computer and the router

Sometimes it is useful to restart these computers , since when you start again, both the drivers and the firmware should work perfectly. Even this alternative serves to recover the connection in case your internet has failures.

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