Currently the possibilities of making purchases online have increased. And more if we talk about used products; since platforms such as Wallapop, have the function of offering us products that although they are second-hand; elsewhere we might find them at a high price. In addition, you can charge in Wallapop any sale you make.

In fact, unlike other digital platforms, with Wallapop you will be able to make secure shipments and your money will arrive immediately. But, what if you have never made a digital sale and you are worried about the collection of it. Do not worry!; Today at miracomosehace we want to show you how you can collect your purchase and sale money in full at Wallapop .

How to Cash in Wallapop and Make Sure I Get My Money in Full

Link a bank account to collect on Wallapop

To be able to charge with this digital platform, the main thing is to add a bank account in your profile. In this way, if you have a bank account linked to your Wallapop profile; payments can be made without any inconvenience. This is essential, because if you affiliate only one card; This method is not valid for this platform to make payments for your sales.

Therefore, to link an income account on this platform, you must have the Wallapop App downloaded and installed on your mobile. Then, you open the application and in the three lines that will appear at the top, select Shipping. Next, enter the bank details section and there you add a bank account.

vincular tarjeta wallapop

It should be noted that you must enter all the necessary data that the system asks for. Once you finish all that process of your bank account data; select save so that the platform stores all that information. Then, go to shipments so you can see what state your sales are in.

In this way, generally you can receive the transfers of the sales in the days following the entry of the bank details. In addition, you will be able to observe the status of the product shipment and the transfer that they have made to your bank account.

Verify your DNI to charge in Wallapop

In order to verify your ID, you must wait for Wallapop to verify your bank account that you have entered the system. Then you can verify the identity; you can do this as follows.

  1. Open the Wallapop App and enter your username . You will achieve this by selecting the 3 bars that are found in the upper left part of the App. Then select your username and go to the shipping section .
  2. Next, select in the Verify your identity section to collect your sales.
  3. Then, verify the details of the bank account you entered and have a photo of your identity document handy.
  4. Finally, select finish verification to continue.

verificacion identidad

In this way, the Wallapop system verifies your identity and in approximately 1 business day, they will be giving you a response to your request. And if all your data is correct, in 3 or 5 days in payment of the sales, they will be in your bank account.

Contact Wallapop to collect sales

If for some reason, the previous steps did not work or you have some other type of problem with the sales or purchase of a product; You can contact Wallapop from the App . To do this, you must open the Application and enter the menu and the help section ; select query in progress.

To send your request, you must write a message in the New conversation section . It should be noted that you must explain in detail the problem you are presenting and be brief. In addition, you are required to attach a photograph of your ID from the back and front.

Now that you know the way in which you can charge in Wallapop with total security; we hope that your sales will be in greater quantity. If you found this post useful, you can share it with your friends and family. And don’t forget to leave us your comment.

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