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Mercado Libre is an online shopping platform that has existed for many years in Latin America, it is an Argentine company that has grown so much until reaching 14 countries and leading online sales. In this guide you will see how to buy in Mercado Libre or all the information you need to know to sell products in Mercado Libre for the first time and become a model seller of this platform.   How to Buy at Mercadolibre – Full Explanation

First steps in Mercado Libre

To begin, keep in mind that we must create a new account on this platform.

  1. We enter the Mercado Libre website from our PC.
  2. We proceed to press where it indicates “Create account”
  3. It will open a new tab within the platform to create our account, we enter personal data such as address, name, email, age and more.
  4. Once this step is done, they will send us an email where we will validate the account with a link and we can start using the Mercado Libre account.

With this account we can log into the platform and start looking for what to buy.

How do I find what I’m looking for in Mercado Libre?

To search for an item specifically, we can use our search bar located at the bottom of the screen and there we will textually place what we would be looking for, for example; stereo.

inicio buscador mercado libre

When we search on this platform, prices vary, also the brands and specifications of the products, therefore we can use some filters that will appear once we search for the product just below the search bar.

The articles to buy in the open market appear one below the other with their respective price, image and shipping value, it is necessary to search and soak up these articles well to find the one we like.

How is the purchase process in Mercado Libre?

Once we locate the product that interests us, click and you will be able to find other specifications inside such as size, price with shipping, know if this seller has free shipping, its ratings and a section near the bottom of the screen where we can ask questions To the seller.

  1. We select the product and open it in a new tab.
  2. When we are completely sure that this item is the one that best suits your search, you can proceed to purchase.
  3. Under the price we will find the shipment and its cost, the payment method that can be changed according to your preference (cash – credit or debit cards)
  4. The return policy for this particular item, if it were new, always have an express return that allows us to claim for any fault in the product and is completely free.
  5. We select the number of units of the same item that we want to buy.
  6. And we can do two actions after this, we have a button that says “Buy now” that will allow us to make the purchase effective and go to the payment process.
  7. Another option is “Add to cart” that allows us to add it to our shopping cart and continue browsing the page in search of some other product that we would be interested in buying.
  8. When we access “Buy now” we go to a different window that indicates the chosen payment method that we can still change until now and that you enter the data to manage the purchase.
mercado libre logo

With these simple steps you should be making your purchase with total success and you will receive the shipment, after finishing your purchase it tells you how long it will take for your order to arrive at your home, for this you can track and track your purchase through Mercado Libre. If your purchase was successful and you already have the product in your hands, don’t forget to rate the seller on MercadoLibre.

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