Everyone knows that gaming communities can be toxic, as some people just don’t know how to lose or how to behave, that ‘s why it is necessary to learn how to block and unblock friends or users on the PlayStation , and with that in mind is that today’s tutorial was created.

And it is that, with all the functions that PS4 has within it (such as the one that allows you to edit videos with ShareFactory), it was obvious that there would also be a way to block anyone who got silly after a few games, so if you are of those who need this kind of help, you’ve come to the right place.

How to block and unblock friends or users on the PlayStation?

Without wasting any time, the main information you need to know to learn how to block and unblock friends or users on the PlayStation, is that you can perform this action with any user, and you do not have to present a test or anything like that to be let you do it.

Since every Play user has the right to remove any friend from their list (it is in company policies). Now, the first thing you should do to block someone is to go to your local user account.

There press the button above the control to access the “Function” menu, within this select the option called “Friends”. Your friends list will then be reflected on the screen.

mando negro playstation 4

Within it you can search for users by their ID in the search bar, or simply go looking one by one until you find the one that has made you upset, when you finally see it, press it to choose it.

In the user interface in question, press “Options”, this action will display a list of selections from which you must choose “Block”, and voila, that way the user will be added to your block list until you decide to remove it.

All the users that you have blocked will not be able to send you any message, they will also not be able to see your friends, invite you to any game, or join a group (of whatever) where you are the creator, that is, you will disappear completely to they.

How to unlock users on PS4?

With everything you read, you already know the first part of the answer to the question How to block and unblock friends or users on the PlayStation ?, so it is time for you to see how to unblock a user, so that you finish this topic and You can go on to look for other information such as: How to fix PS4 error codes?

If you want to achieve the unblocking, first go to “Friends” again, when you are there press the “Options” button, and select “Blocked players”, this action will make your blocking blacklist appear.

Now proceed to click on the friend or user you want to unblock and press the “Options” button above him, this will display the same list that you saw when blocking it (with some variants), among the selections present there press “Unblock” .

mano sujetando mando ps4

And that’s it, with that the user will be unlocked, and you can send him a friend request again. It should be noted that this process can be done as many as you want (same as blocking).

With what you saw, you already know how to block and unblock friends or users on the PlayStation, without having to resort to any hack or having to go to its official page (where you can also block people).

So you do not have anything else to do here, however, it is recommended that you do not stop the search for knowledge in something so short, since Play has many functions with which you can play, for example you can search: How to put a custom wallpaper on the PS4 ?, to customize your Play to the fullest.

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