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In any modern business, employees with knowledge of Excel will be valued. More if the work has to do with accounting or the calculation of any element. By focusing on getting more training in the area of office automation, you have a great chance of being promoted in your workplace.

How to EXCEL a Column or Several Cells Automatically

Well, the times that run, make all these techniques essential to improve the efficiency of office processes. Considering all these things, we will teach you how to add a column or several cells automatically in Excel .

Don’t just limit yourself to learning about Excel . Review all our guides on the Microsoft Office computer suite, to know and edit Excel, Word, PowerPoint files, which will help you enhance your worth and will reflect positively on your resume.

Both Word and PowerPoint are other important tools to master. The good thing is that, as they have similar interfaces, improving one of them enhances your ability with the others.

Keep in mind that for this guide you will need to have Excel downloaded and installed on your computer. The program is paid, we understand it, but it represents an investment for your training . As you advance, your chances of getting better positions in the company you want will increase.

Always go step by step, trying to understand things at your own pace so as not to get frustrated. The other factor to continue is that you must have basic knowledge of Excel spreadsheets or spreadsheets.

Having reached this stage, it means that you meet all the requirements to learn how to add columns or several cells automatically . Try to follow the guide as you work on your own worksheet. In this way, you will understand things quickly, and they will stay in your memory without having to reread too many times.

What is Excel?

When we talk about Excel, we mean spreadsheet software , developed by Microsoft Corporation. This belongs to the Microsoft Office family of products, which we mentioned above. Currently Excel is the dominant spreadsheet on the market, and one of the essential office tools.

These spreadsheets allow the automation of mathematical processes , using different formulas and functions in Excel cells.

How to sum in Excel a column or several cells automatically?

The truth is that doing addition is a very basic and simple process, so you shouldn’t have a problem if you follow the steps carefully.

You will start by accessing a new Excel file to work on. Once there, you will have to enter all the data you want in columns, creating a table like the one shown below.

agregar datos excel

Remember that we are working on an easy example. Your table can have much more data and columns entered.

Once you have entered all the values that you want to add, you will rest on the cell where you want the result of that sum to appear. It is time for you to learn how to use a function in Excel. This is done by writing after an equal sign, for the case of a sum we put: = SUM ()

Between the parentheses will go the coordinates of the cells that we want to add. To place them quickly, we will simply slide our mouse over them. Another method is writing the coordinate of the first, then two points, and finally the coordinate of the last (this will add up those and all those in between). That would be something like: = SUM (I4: I8) .

formula excel

In case our intention is to add only some elements, we will have to select each cell individually, pressing on them while holding down the Ctrl key. Or enter the formula with the coordinates separated by commas: = SUM (I4, I5, I6)

Remember that you can customize the tables to your liking , to make them more pleasant to see. Use light colors and define borders.

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