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WordPad is a very easy-to-use tool for creating brochures, diplomas, postcards among other documents. Thanks to the fact that it is included with our Windows system, we do not have to resort to external programs. In fact, you can easily insert images into a WordPad document.

In this program, we can easily and quickly create a lot of useful content. Among its many functions, we can create files with striking illustrations that we can select from our own image bank.

To carry out this process, you do not have to be an expert in design , you only have to have basic knowledge and if you do not have it, just follow the steps that we will give you below.

How to insert images into WordPad step by step

The first thing we must do is open WordPad, if we do not find it directly on our home screen, we will have to go to “Accessories” . This is in the programs folder; if we do not know its location, we will only have to follow the following steps.

First, we must press the start button. To be more precise, we will place WordPad in the search tab and press the “Enter” key. Once this is done, the program will appear in the list of options, after locating our application, we will open the program , for this, just double-click on the name.

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It will show a view very similar to that of a Word file, in the upper part of our file, We will be presented with several options; such as: clipboard, font, paragraph, insert and edit, We will focus on the one that says edit.

If we realize it, in this section of WordPad we have the opportunity to insert four fields : Images, paint, date and time and even insert an object. If what we want is to insert an image, we will click on the option that dictates this action.

Once we click on the image, the program will automatically send us to the files on our computer. Being there, we will navigate to the folder where the image that we want to place in our WordPad sheet is located, after finding the desired file, we will click on it and press the open option.

This action will automatically insert the image we want into the WordPad file, now, what if the image is not in the files of our computer but in another document? Don’t worry, in this case the solution is much simpler.

How to insert pictures into WordPad from another document

To transfer an image of a document from the office package to WordPad , we will have two options; Each option can be done easily and it will not take us long.

First option: save image

The first option we have to insert an image from another document in WordPad is: ” save the image as a new file, inside our computer”. To do this, we will only have to enter the document in which the image is located and we will click on it.

Once we have done this, we will click on the image again, but with the right mouse button; this will bring up a small menu of options . Then, we will focus on the option that says “save image as”.

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The system will automatically send us to the files on our computer, we select the folder where we want to save the image and press save.

After doing this, we will enter our WordPad file again and perform the process that we already mentioned to insert the image.

Second option: copy from source

Another option we have, if we want to insert an image from another document, is to ” copy directly from the source” . To do this, we will only have to enter the file where the image is located, we will click on it with the right mouse button and press the copy option.

Then, we will go to our WordPad file and with the right mouse button, we will select the paste option . In this way, you can insert an image that is in another file easily and quickly.

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