Disney Plus was one of the revelations in streaming services this year, since it came to face a giant like Netflix and boy did it put him in trouble. It is precisely for this reason that everyone wants to know the functions of this program, and with that in mind today you will see How to add movies and series to my list of favorites in Disney Plus?

And, this service has many great functions and tools (such as the one that allows you to download Disney Plus movies and series on the PC), but unfortunately not everyone knows them due to how new it is, that is why this Guidance is so necessary and imperative.

How to Add Movies and Series to my Favorites List on Disney Plus Easily

How to add movies and series to my favorites list on Disney Plus?

The first thing you have to know to help you learn to add movies and series to my favorites list on Disney Plus is what makes this happy list and why it is so important to know how to use it after installing Disney Plus.

Well basically what the list does is allow you to add programs to a list that lets you have a kind of control over the series that you have been watching, or that you want to see in the future, thus ensuring that each user of the platform has their own personalized experience.

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In turn, it makes navigation within the page easier, since without this system you would always have to search for the series when entering to continue watching them, thus losing the cohesion and thread that is so important to keep you interested in paying for the service.

Now that you have understood this, it is time to start with the explanation that will allow you to add whatever you want to your favorites list. To achieve this there are two different processes , one on the PC and the other on the application, so each one will be explained separately, starting with the computer:

If you want to add a series or movie to your list on the PC, the first thing you have to do is search for it through the search bar or the category filter, once you have it displayed, select it to enter its personal section.

Within it you will immediately notice a + sign, press it and the series will automatically be added to your list. To check that this is the case, you just have to touch the option “My list”, which is on the ribbon above.

How to add series and movies in the App?

With what I have read, we already know how to add movies and series to my favorites list in Disney Plus on the PC, so it is time to see how the same action is carried out but within the official Disney plus application.

To achieve this, you must go to the series you want to add and enter its section , once there press the same + icon from the last time, the difference with the PC version is that in the app the cross symbol changes to of a go-ahead.

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In case you want to review your list, you just have to select your user profile, and when you exit the drop-down options on the left side of the screen, press the option “My list” and that’s it.

Now if with everything that was read, it can be said that you know how to add movies and series to my favorites list on Disney Plus in all possible ways, so you can now try these methods.

And if you were hungry for more information, you can always look for other guides on this great streaming program , such as: How many people can watch Disney plus at the same time on the same account?

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