The gamer community has brought out the best of the best from the vast majority of consoles and video games. Some search even the smallest to find incredible and curious tricks that optimize their performance. One of them is how to activate, deactivate and use low latency mode in Nintendo Switch Online games.

In this article, you will have as much information as possible to know the advantages and disadvantages of this tool. In this way, you can considerably extend the life of your Nintendo Switch.

Improve the performance of your Nintendo Switch

Just as computers or mobile devices use energy saving mode, so do consoles. Nintendo Switch has set a trend thanks to the versatility it presents.

mejorar rendimiento nintendo switch

However, this versatility seems to take its toll. A high level of use of the console can cause problems in the short, medium and long term. If you notice that your Nintendo Switch is freezing, unresponsive, shutting down or freezing, take precautionary measures.

Slow online games

One of the common evils of every gamer is when it comes to playing games online . From the first moment, the solution that comes to mind is to increase the speed of the internet. However, the problem, in some cases, can happen elsewhere.

The Nintendo Switch, as if it were any other mobile device, needs regular maintenance. This means that it requires a series of actions from time to time to function properly.

Performance problems can also be due to software issues. So whenever there is a new version available, try to update the latest version of your Nintendo Switch software.

Low latency mode, a last resort

If your Nintendo Switch is still having problems despite everything, you may want to try low latency mode . Assuming you’ve already gone through the procedure to create an account on Nintendo Switch, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Start a game online using your NES library.
  • Press the ZL and ZR buttons.
  • Next, a suspend menu will open and you will choose the option “Return to game selection.”
  • Locate the option “Settings” and, by means of the Y button, you will activate the low latency mode.
  • If you want to disable low latency mode, just press the Y button again.

Pros and cons

Activating, deactivating and using low latency mode has a number of both positive and negative consequences . The main benefit has to do with the performance of the console in relation to some games. Another pro would be that it optimizes the operation of the hardware of the Nintendo Switch, assuming a relief for the console.

However, the cons can be presented in important aspects of many users. One of them, of course, has to do with online matchmaking. Enabling, disabling and using low latency mode has an influence on the video quality.

Official solution

One of the points to highlight in terms of activating, deactivating and using low latency mode is that it is a solution given directly by Nintendo. This setting cannot be set by default, you can disable it whenever you like or it will be disabled automatically when you exit the game .

solucion final latencia partidas online

In addition, it is a solution that will allow you to extend the life of your battery , in case you cannot charge your console. For these types of situations, it is important to remember the airplane mode option. Although it is true that when you activate this option, they are automatically disabled, it is also ideal to save battery.

  • Access the “Settings” option from the bottom bar of your screen.
  • Locate, within the options menu, the “Airplane mode” section.
  • Once activated, you can customize it to use Bluetooth, WiFi or NFC.

Start using it!

If you’re on battery power or optimizing the performance of some games, feel free to try the low latency mode . This is one of the many solutions that Nintendo offers its users, providing better service. Nintendo Switch is here to stay, make the most of it!

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