The fury that the website dedicated to the transmission of videos in streaming is generating is impressive. Where for this fact they can pay you with Bits, a kind of virtual money which you can later exchange for money.

By entering the official Twitch page, you can start generating income, of course you must do a job to create a community and then activate and configure Twitch donations to earn money.

How to Activate and Configure Twitch Donations to Make Money – Donations on Twitch

This is one of the ways to start making money on Twitch since becoming a recognized streamer takes a lot of work and effort. And since we are starting and we have just created our account on Twitch. We must resort to the activation of donations to start receiving economic benefits.

This article that we have prepared for you should serve as a guide that indicates the steps to follow to activate and configure donations . And for this we will use the third-party service for viewers to donate their money and reach our account. So without further ado we will show you what you should do so that you can start the activation now.

How to activate and configure Twitch donations to earn money

Let’s get straight to the point and see what we need to do to seamlessly activate and configure donations on Twitch. And first of all we will do something that is very simple to do and it is about linking the account. In this case we are going to do it with StreamLabs, which is an excellent tool for customizing game broadcasts.

activar donaciones twitch

Especially when these are executed through OBS on a personal computer, although if you use another device such as a mobile phone or a video game console it will work the same. Now we go into StreamLabs and go to the donation settings. Now you select the option to link with your Twitch account.

Now the next step to make your donation link work smoothly is to connect it to your PayPal account. To do this, you are going to enter the email address to which it is associated with your PayPal account. And your account will have the function activated so that you can receive donations from the members who view your transmissions.

Set up donations on Twitch

Now comes a very important step and that is that viewers must know where to go in order to make donations. To do this, we are going to go to the StreamLabs account and in the settings we can find the link that leads to the donations page, here we leave the URL

You must copy this address and go directly to your Twitch account and enter your channel, then there you will find the Edit panels button. Press the button and several options will be displayed and search among them for the plus sign icon .

Then select the option Add a text or image panel and in the Description field you must paste the URL that you copied earlier.

Now all you have to do is check if the link works correctly and to do this click on the button and you go to the donations page.

When a spectator wants to make a donation , they can put their username of course. They will also choose the amount to donate, they can also send a message or a Gif, these will have a donation value of $ 1.

configurar donaciones ganar dinero

Remember that you have made a link to your PayPal account and this money should be shown in the account instantly. It is also important that you indicate to all your viewers in the description that there is a link for donations on your channel. And during the live broadcasts, remember to make a thank you mention for the donations received.

So we have reached the end of this educational article that showed you how simple and easy it can be to activate donations and earn money from the streaming gaming platform Twitch.

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