There are different music services; Amazon Music Unlimited offers a good number of songs and playlists . If you already know Spotify, you may ask yourself, which platform is better Spotify or Amazon Music? Today you will know how much it costs and what the subscription includes, to make your decision.

In addition, you have the advantage that you can register, without having the Amazon Prime subscription , paying a lower monthly payment, than its competition; once subscribed to the service, you will enjoy three months free, and if you liked it then at the end of the term, you can purchase some of their plans.

This Amazon Music Unlimited service is currently available in many countries around the globe , and spread over the five continents; for this moment of pandemic that the planet is suffering, it is a good option, making isolation more bearable.

What should we do to enjoy the three months free on Amazon Music Unlimited?

You must have an Amazon account , you can create an account and subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited easily; Now, if you already had an account and you have used the free offer, you must create a new one; since only then is it possible to have Amazon Music Unlimited for free.

Once you have the account available, then you select “Individual Plan” which is the only one accepted for this offer of the three free months; It should be remembered that after the term, the charge of € 9.99 begins, therefore if you are not interested in starting to pay, then you must withdraw before expiration.

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The application is managed, with different devices, for example from Android phones as well as Android and Fire tablets, also on iPad and iPhone, also from PC and Mac, Amazon devices such as Echo, Heos or Sonos controlled by Alexa, among others.

What are the different Amazon Music Unlimited plans?

They have four different plans in Amazon Music Unlimited, so you can choose the one that suits you best, of course with different monthly prices, among them we have: “Individual”, “Family”, “Unique Device” and for “Students”.

It is also important to know that Amazon Prime users when they register for Amazon Music Unlimited, have discounts and annual renewal only for the “Individual” plan and the “Single Device” plan .

How much does Amazon Music Unlimited cost and what does the subscription include?

The prices will vary depending on the plan that has been chosen, and also if you were previously an Amazon Prime member. In the case of “Individual” for those who do not have a subscription to Amazon Prime, you must pay € 9.99 per month and € 99 per year if you are a Prime member and to use a single device.

The “Familiar” for € 14.99 per month if you are not an Amazon Prime member and 149 for the full year, with the benefit for up to 6 of them being Prime.

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The prices for “Devices” of speakers such as Amazon’s Echo or Fire TV, costs 3.99 euros per month covering only one device at a time, but limited to mobiles, whether you are a Prime member or not; finally, that of “Students” with a value of 4.99 euros per month whether or not you are affiliated with Amazon Prime.

The subscription includes a directory of more than seventy million songs without limit, and thousands of playlists; You will be able to hear it on compatible devices such as Android tablets and mobiles, iPhone and iPad, Mac, Fire tablets, Sonos, Heos, among others.

The combination of the Echo speakers, with the Amazon Alexa commands will allow you to search, download or play the music you want , also with it you will receive the recommendations about what you like, it will also inform you of the recent topics that have been released on the market.

Finally, we can see that the Amazon Music Unlimited service is quite complete, with an accessible price for all audiences and lower than that of its strongest competitors; In addition, you currently enjoy three months free to take advantage of.

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