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Today we are going to see how many versions of Microsoft’s Windows operating system exist . The OS created by Bill Gates was announced in 1983 and released two years later. But from that moment on, new versions of it began to come out every certain amount of time. Do you want to know how many there are? Keep reading.

How Many Versions of Microsoft’s Windows Operating System Are There?

We have already talked about Windows many times from setting your privacy, to knowing which are the best free players that we have available. But we never talk about the versions that existed and how they helped make Windows 10 what it is today.

We are going to do a summary review of all the versions of the Microsoft operating system that most of us use every day. How was the evolution of Windows ? We will see it next.

versiones windows

All versions of Windows

Windows 1 (1985)

Bill Gates announced Windows in 1983 , although it was released two years later with a graphical interface that made a difference at the time. It had simple applications such as calculator, notepad, clock, calendar, and MS-DOS file management.

Windows 2 (1987)

Two years passed and Windows 2 was released with an improvement in memory, graphics, and the ability to better control windows and layout. Keyboard shortcuts were even added.

Windows 3 (1990)

During the year 1990 Windows 3 appeared on the market and sales soared, becoming considerably popular around the world. With changes in its graphical interface that made many people dare to try it.

Windows NT (1993)

The acronym NT stands for Microsoft, New Technology . In 1993, Windows NT was released, which is a 32-bit multitasking, multiprocessing, multiuser and multithreaded OS.

Windows 95 (1994)

This version was a considerable success, selling 7 million copies in just over a month . It is a version focused on the average user with a new, friendly and accessible graphical interface that made things much easier back then. The home button, the taskbar and the notifications, was revolutionary in its day.

Windows 98 (1998)

In 1998 Windows 98 appeared with considerable improvements in terms of graphics, an interface designed for the user who did not know anything about computers. With many new options that greatly improve usability.

Windows Me (2000)

The latest DOS-based version of Windows. It is one of the worst versions of the OS.

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Microsoft Windows OS versions

Windows XP (2001)

Who does not know Windows XP? Reaching 500 million users after 12 years. It was the first version to have such a large number of users and it was one of the best. Too bad that in 2014 it stopped supporting it.

Windows Vista (2007)

Possibly one of the worst versions of the OS with security issues, digital rights management, hardware requirements too high and performance not good at all.

Windows 7 (2009)

After Vista, Windows 7 appears which would be, until then, the best version of Microsoft. With a redesigned interface, a good facelift, optimal performance for most computers, and many cool features, it was a positive point in Microsoft’s history.

Windows 8 (2012)

That October 25, 2012, we welcomed Windows 8 and one of the worst things the company did was remove the start button, something that generated a lot of controversy.

Luckily, the button could be added with a very interesting app, then a version was released that included this button. But the damage was done.

Windows 10 (2015)

Three years passed and Microsoft released the best version of the operating system: Windows 10 . We cannot complain as it is perfectly optimized in every way, ideal for work and games.

Something very curious in Microsoft’s history is that a fairly good version was always released and then one that is the opposite . What can we expect from the next version of Microsoft’s OS? Hopefully we don’t have to deal with modern Windows Vista.

Finally, now that you have seen all this information, you should learn how to download and install Windows 10 from scratch, this way you will have one of the best operating systems out there.

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