Social media is not for everyone. Beyond the reach and accessibility that many represent, sometimes the content is simply not suitable. Each network adopts measures to suspend accounts, but this time, we have to talk about Twitter. So if you’re interested in knowing how long a suspended Twitter account lasts and how to get it back , you’re in the right place!

Throughout the article you will get relevant information about this measure taken by one of the most important social networks. You will contemplate for what reasons an account can be suspended. In addition to how you can appeal to get it back as soon as possible .

How much do you know about Twitter?

Also known as the “SMS of the internet”, Twitter was designed and launched in 2006 by Jack Dorsey. It is a platform through which messages consisting of short-length plain text are shared. Originally, a maximum of 140 characters was allowed, later being modified to 280.

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This social network maintains an extraordinary activity on the part of its users. The platform generates at least 65 million daily tweets. From inviting someone to Twitter and making them easily follow me, to knowing who has bookmarked my Tweets! These are just a few of the many things that can be achieved on Twitter.

Suspended Twitter account: Everything you need to know to get it back

Twitter, as mentioned above, is highly recognized for the variety of content that is shared. Above all, because, even, messages, photos or videos are shared that, in another social network, would not be allowed.

So, in a way, there is a certain degree of debauchery on Twitter that users often take advantage of. Of course, everything has a limit. Knowing how long a suspended Twitter account lasts is important if you break a rule.

With each update of the application, new elements are implemented. On some occasion, the update will have to do with the policies of use.

The main recommendation is to automatically update Twitter to the latest version. This way you can be aware of relevant changes made to their policy.

Times and reasons

However, it is precisely these usage policies that establish why an account can be suspended. However, it does not establish suspension periods.

The inactivity of an account can last a day, weeks, months, years or it can even be permanent. An account can be suspended for:

  • Spam : Accounts whose characteristics suggest that it is a false profile. Compromising the security of the platform and its users.
  • Security risk : Unusual login or activity. Suspicions that the account has been hacked.
  • Abusive behavior : Threats and impersonation of other accounts are just a couple of reasons why an account could be suspended.

Wrong suspension and recovery of the Twitter account

Whether on grounds or by mistake, recovering a suspended account is possible . To do this, it is important to take into account a couple of aspects:

  • If there is a valid reason for your account suspension, log in to your account and locate the Twitter suspension message. Delete that element for which your account has been suspended and wait. Within hours or days your account should be re-enabled to interact .
  • If there is no valid reason, you must appeal. Twitter has a form for this, where you must supply, mainly, personal information. You can then give details about why you think your account has been erroneously suspended. Also, within a few hours, a day or more, a response will arrive in your email.

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It’s time to keep using Twitter!

If the account was suspended for suspected hacking, you must change the Twitter password once the account is recovered! This way you ensure that no one else will continue to impersonate you on this important social network.

Now that you know how long a suspended Twitter account lasts, remember: respect the rest of the users and don’t violate the rules of the platform! This will prevent your account from being suspended again , and even blocked.

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