One of the main problems with having a public social network is that anyone can download your photos or drawings and publish them on their profile as if they were theirs or without giving you credit, that is where it is necessary to use a watermark.

How to Watermark My Photos From My Android Cell Phone or iPhone?

What is a watermark?

Watermarks allow a photographer, company or artist in general to place a distinction in the image so that it is known who the authorship is. You can place it on the image either in letters or with some kind of logo.

Normally they are the least invasive possible, the logical thing is that it is seen, but that it does not harm the original photo or drawing.

Why use a watermark?

Apart from the aforementioned reason about another person publishing your content without giving you credit or without your authorization, the watermark has other uses.

For Community Managers and for anyone who works in social networks, watermarks are very effective to promote brands or websites, since when they see the logo, people will go to the site where they come from. You can even put a watermark on videos.

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The best applications to place a watermark from your iPhone and Android cell phone

Since it can be tedious to have to transfer the images to the computer to be able to place the watermark, here we leave you a list of the best applications to be able to watermark your photos from your Android or iOS device.

Add Watermark Free

It is a free watermarking application for Android devices that allows you to configure different fonts, inclination angles and level of details, as well as add GPS tags as a watermark.

Unfortunately this application is not made to work with high resolution images and you can only save images up to 800xp on the longest side.


It is an application for paid iPhone devices, which helps protect and promote your images. It is very easy to use since its interface is quite simple, it allows you to add both texts and logos. Of course there is the option to rotate, position, reduce the size and adjust the transfer of your watermark.

PhotoMarks offers the ability to save your marks as profiles and use them in another session without having to recreate it. It also offers a desktop version for PC in case you want to have it for a computer as well.


A fairly complete application when it comes to adding watermark, it is free and is available for both iPhone and Android, it also has a version for PC.

iWatermarkFree stands out from other applications thanks to its more than 77 types of fonts and allows you to add QR codes to images.

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Watermark X

It is a free application for iOS devices, which makes it easy to place a watermark on your images thanks to its very simple interface, and it also contains numerous professionally designed spreadsheets to choose from as a watermark.

You can use a copyright notice, trademark, your signature, or modern elements like the location or hashtag. Once you choose the type of watermark you are free to adjust it in many ways.


It is a totally free application to watermark images for Android and iOS devices , although it has a paid version that contains Premium options. Its interface is quite simple, therefore it is very easy to use.

It contains a large variety of logos and fonts that you can add to your images. The Salt app also offers simple photo cropping tools to resize the image if you wish.

As we saw, placing a watermark is very simple. Never let someone else post your work without giving you any credit.

All the apps mentioned above are available on the App Store and the Play Store.

If you are looking for other programs to watermark your photos, the following articles may interest you.How to add a watermark to photos or images in Corel Photo Paint? On the other hand, if you want to put a watermark of copyright to an image in Phtoshop CC this article is the one for you.

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