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Although we know, the Internet connection has made the interaction through Online games more abundant, many of these games merit purchases within themselves, so it is necessary to recharge the balance in our Google Play Store accounts.

How to Top Up My Account Google Play Store | How to Buy on Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular games in the world, allowing many players to connect at the same time, but it also requires certain payments to unlock some of its features.

What should you do to recharge your Google Play Store account?

There are different ways to have a balance in your account, from registering a credit card , purchasing a gift card or reloading with cash.

Add a credit card

Although this option seems to be the most appropriate, since the available balance will be that of your credit card.

You can register different credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, among many other options, the first thing you should do is verify that this option is available in your country .

It is generally the most allowed option worldwide, and may be the choice of most people, in addition to allowing you to load certain benefits of your favorite games as it is already registered with Google.

Gift cards

Google Play Store has created gift cards that can be purchased in various establishments by paying only the cost of the card and without additional charges.

If you don’t have credit cards, this is the best option , because you can buy them with your cash or your debit cards.

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The only thing you will have to do after acquiring it is to redeem it directly in the Play Store, to do this, enter the ” Menu “, scroll to the last option section and select ” Redeem “.

Scratch the code of your card and enter it , this will grant you the balance in your account automatically, being such a simple option it becomes one of the ideal to add balance to the account of a child or adolescent.

Top up with your phone service

This option is available only in some countries, but it has become one of the simplest, you will only have to enter the Play Store and search for the content you want to buy.

Select ” Buy ” and choose your payment method, in this case ” Billing with telephony “, fill out the form that Google requires and that’s it, you can buy regardless of whether your line is Pre or Post-Paid .

How to buy from Garena Free Fire?

Once you have managed to recharge your balance, you will only have to enter Free Fire, select what you want to buy , be it diamonds or special items.

Choose what you want to pay and do it with your Play Store account , you will have your balance available in full, use it wisely to acquire the best objects for lower prices.

Some recommendations

It is advisable that you be careful when adding your credit cards , because although apps for other devices cannot be purchased, charges may be generated to your card that you do not want.

Remember to protect the codes of your gift cards so that they cannot be stolen by other people and thus avoid losing your invested money.

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We also suggest that if you use the balance to buy in Free Fire , do so when there are offers that can help you earn more diamonds.

These diamonds that are very important to be able to acquire the best weapons and level up, you can also acquire them for free.

Finally, we can say that the apps that deserve an internal payment increasingly improve their prices to facilitate access to their specifications.

The problem is that many users live in countries where acquiring the means of payment becomes a total odyssey .

Therefore, sometimes they can only play with the basic features, thus reducing the enjoyment of leisure time spent on applications.

You are a fan of the game, because we recommend that you read about the best tricks and secrets of the game.


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