Twitter changed the world several years ago. This gave him the final push that social networks lacked to spread throughout the planet. For this reason, it is so important to understand its operation completely. With that in mind, today the question will be solved : How to know who has marked my tweets as favorites?

Not only influencers or stars are aware of their followers and likes. Now with the globalization of the internet, literally everyone wants to know that people like their photos. This has become so relevant that there are even businesses that are being formed on this basis. That is why the importance of what you will read.

What is Twitter?

Before you can answer the question How do I know who has bookmarked my tweets? , you must first know what Twitter is. Since if you are new to this social network and you are looking for information, without this context you will get lost.

Basically, it is a social platform, with a bidirectional information delivery system, with which you can share all kinds of content in real time (this is for PC and is also downloadable as an App in the PlayStore).

This was created in 2006, and its main mechanism is to send short messages, which in turn can be answered with other micro messages (microblogging).

The site allows sharing experiences that are happening at the moment (not only through the aforementioned Tweets, but also by sending audios on Twitter), which is why it has become popular to say that the lives of many people are saved in this net.

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The most curious thing about this social network is the terminology it uses based on its name. For example: the one who publishes information is called a twitterer, when someone else’s comment is posted or published it is called a retweet, when you publish your comment it is called a tweet.

If someone follows you, this will be called a follower, and if you decide to follow someone to see their posts, this action is called following. There are also hashtags and I like them like in any other social network, in addition to allowing you to mark a comment as a favorite.

And finally, if there is a highly commented conversion topic, it is called tendring topic ( this is obtained by the number of times the keyword of that topic and the hashtags are used ).

How to know who has bookmarked my tweets

Now that you know what twitter is and the terminology it uses, you are ready to answer the question How do I know who has bookmarked my tweets?

To do this, you must first log into your twitter account and then select your username found at the top of the screen (on the right).

This will open a drop-down menu where the option that you must click called “ Settings ” is located, once you have done it, you will see that in the next section a button called “ Notifications ” appears, press it (it is highlighted in blue).

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Finally, when the following window opens, you must choose the option “My tweets are marked as favorites” found in the ” Activity ” section and under the heading ” Send me email when”. To confirm the changes, click on ” Save ” and that’s it, with that an email will be sent to you with the information you wanted.

So, thanks to what you read, the question was answered , How do I know who has bookmarked my tweets? It is time for you to get going and enter your profile so that you can see from now on who marks your publications as favorites.

Remember that there are more things like this that you can do on this network that you have probably never done, such as saving Twitter tweets as drafts or deleting all or several tweets at once, so it would be good if you learned more about the subject. .


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